Otter Tail County Assessor: Ensuring Accurate Property Assessments

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Homeowners often have misconceptions about the role of the county assessor and how property values are determined. In this article, we will explore the responsibilities of the Otter Tail County Assessor in Minnesota and shed light on the assessment process to provide a better understanding for homeowners. We will also discuss how to appeal an assessment if necessary.

The Role of the County Assessor

Contrary to popular belief, the county assessor’s goal is not to increase property values to generate more revenue for the county. Instead, their primary objective is to provide an equal and accurate assessment of all properties within the county. Property values, which form the basis of property taxes, are determined by the market and not the county’s budget.

Accurate Assessments

To ensure accurate assessments, the county assessors visit each property within the county. They go door-to-door, gathering measurement data and documenting any changes to the property. This information is then recorded in a field book.

The CAMA System

The data collected by the appraisers is later entered into the Computer Aided Assessment (CAMA) system by the technical staff. The county assessor and their team update the building and land schedules based on this data. By combining the appraiser’s field data and the assessor’s schedule updates, the new value for each property is determined.

The Assessment Timeline

The assessment process is an ongoing endeavor. Currently, the Otter Tail County Assessor’s office is working on the 2019 assessment, which will impact the taxes homeowners pay in 2020. Homeowners will receive their valuation notice for this assessment in March or April. This notice provides an opportunity for homeowners to appeal if they believe their assessment is inaccurate or unfair.

Appealing an Assessment

If homeowners feel that their assessment is significantly different from what they believe to be accurate, they can appeal the valuation. To initiate the appeals process, they simply need to contact the Otter Tail County Assessor’s office. The knowledgeable staff will guide them through the necessary steps and ensure their appeal is heard.

Collaboration with Homeowners

The success of accurate property assessments relies on the cooperation of homeowners. Assessors require access to properties, including the ability to measure and take exterior photos, to ensure that their assessments are as precise as possible. Homeowners should not feel intimidated or fearful of the assessment staff. They are dedicated professionals who strive to provide accurate information without any ulterior motives.


Understanding the role and responsibilities of the Otter Tail County Assessor’s office is crucial for homeowners. Their goal is to ensure equitable property assessments, not to increase property values for financial gain. By working together with residents, the county assessor can perform accurate assessments, resulting in fair property taxes for all. If homeowners have concerns or believe their assessment is incorrect, they can appeal the valuation following a straightforward process. By maintaining a cooperative relationship, homeowners can contribute to an assessment system that benefits everyone in Otter Tail County.

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