Outsourcing Offshore Staff for Faster Turnaround Times in Offshore Staffing Implementation

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In the world of financial planning, time is of the essence. Financial advisors and businesses need to efficiently handle their tasks and deliver prompt services to their clients. To meet these demands, many companies are turning to offshore staffing implementation as a solution. One company that specializes in offshore staffing for paraplanning services is Felcorp Support. In this article, we will discuss Felcorp Support’s average turnaround times, the key factors affecting those turnaround times, and the benefits of combining power planning and admin duties in offshore staffing implementation.

Turnaround Times

Felcorp Support understands the importance of meeting deadlines and strives to provide efficient and timely services to its clients. On average, the company’s turnaround times for paraplanning tasks are three business days. However, during busy periods like May and June, this may be slightly longer due to the increased volume of work.

Monthly packages offered by Felcorp Support can expedite the turnaround times, reducing it to just one to two business days. This accelerated timeline is possible when the company assigns separate team members to handle power planning and admin duties. By dividing the workload, the turnaround times can be significantly improved.

Balancing Power Planning and Admin Duties

The turnaround times in offshore staffing implementation heavily depend on the division of responsibilities between power planning and admin tasks. If Felcorp Support is handling both power planning and admin duties for a client, the time spent on power planning will directly impact the overall turnaround time.

For instance, if data entry implementation and power planning duties are assigned to Felcorp Support, the power planning aspect will consume approximately fifty percent of the team’s time. Consequently, the duration required for producing advice documents will be longer, as the company needs to allocate time for both power planning and admin duties.

Understanding Client Goals

Felcorp Support recognizes that every client has unique goals and requirements. When engaging with the company, it is crucial to discuss your ultimate objectives to ensure they are met effectively. Depending on your preferences, Felcorp Support can accommodate different approaches to power planning and admin duties.

For clients who prioritize quick delivery of advice documents, opting for a full-time power planner dedicated exclusively to document production is recommended. This arrangement allows for faster completion times, ensuring timely delivery of advice documents to clients.

However, the trend among most practices nowadays is to combine power planning and admin duties. Felcorp Support seamlessly transitions from data collection to advice presentation and implementation without the need for duplicating data entry. This approach offers convenience and efficiency to clients. In this scenario, it becomes necessary to decide whether power planning and admin responsibilities should be handled by one staff member or split between two separate staff members.

Benefits of Combining Power Planning and Admin Duties

The decision to combine power planning and admin duties in offshore staffing implementation can significantly streamline your workflow and enhance productivity. By entrusting both responsibilities to Felcorp Support, you can achieve greater efficiency and avoid the hassle of double-handling data.

Having a single staff member responsible for both power planning and admin duties ensures seamless coordination and cohesive work processes. This individual possesses a comprehensive understanding of the tasks at hand and can seamlessly navigate from data collection to advice presentation and implementation.

Alternatively, if you opt for two separate staff members – one dedicated to admin and the other focused on power planning – you can distribute the workload effectively. While the power planner focuses solely on producing advice documents, the admin staff member can handle other administrative tasks, such as data entry and organizing client information.


Opting for offshore staffing implementation can be a game-changer for financial advisors and businesses. Felcorp Support excels in delivering efficient and prompt paraplanning services with their average turnaround times being three business days. By leveraging their expertise, you can achieve faster turnaround times and enhanced productivity.

When engaging with Felcorp Support, it is crucial to discuss your ultimate goals and preferences. Whether you choose to have one staff member handle both power planning and admin duties or split the responsibilities between two individuals, the objective remains the same – efficient and prompt delivery of advice documents.

To optimize your offshore staffing implementation, consider Felcorp Support as your trusted partner in streamlining your workflow and driving success in your financial planning practice.

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