Planning and Zoning Meeting – 6/22/22: A Comprehensive Review

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In this article, we will provide a detailed analysis and summary of the “Planning and Zoning Meeting – 6/22/22” held by the City of Danville. This meeting focused on discussing various topics related to the growth and betterment of the community. Throughout the meeting, the attendees discussed the approval of minutes, financial reports, construction charities, subdivision approvals, and public hearings.

Approval of Minutes

The meeting began with a motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting, which were then seconded and amended to include minor corrections. The attendees agreed to approve the minutes with the amendments made.

Financial Report

The financial report for the month of May was discussed and presented to the attendees. The report highlighted the budget approval process and provided an overview of the year-end numbers. Commissioner Manning provided a detailed analysis of the next year’s budget. The attendees had an opportunity to ask questions about the financial report, and all inquiries were answered satisfactorily. A motion was made and seconded to accept the financial report, and there were no further discussions. The motion to accept the report was carried.

Construction Charities

The attendees were informed that there was not much to report regarding construction charities for the month. However, the focus was on the renewal of the Boyle County Industrial Foundation letter of credit, which expired on 7/12/2022. The attendees were assured that the new letter of credit would be presented in the next month’s agenda for renewal. It was noted that if the letter of credit wasn’t received by the 12th of July, there would be an item on the next agenda to rescind the plot. The attendees were informed that the new letter of credit was expected to arrive around the 10th of July. There were no additional reports on the list of bonds.

Subdivision Approvals

During the meeting, subdivision approvals were discussed, focusing on two final approvals and one preliminary approval.

  1. George and Margaret Scott and Paula Andrews: They submitted a plaque creating Parcel A from the stock property and combining it with Anchovies (Lot 14) on Cottage Manor Drive. The property’s zoning is single-family R1A. The surveyor, Steve Carroll, confirmed that the project was ready for final approval.

  2. Roger Foster and Lisa Foster: They submitted a plaque to divide a 10.102-acre tract from their parent track on Lebanon Road in Caribou, Kentucky. The plaque also established an easement across the parent track for the benefit of the tracking age. The property is zoned agriculture, and the surveyor confirmed that no corrections were necessary. The project was ready for final approval.

The attendees were requested to make a motion for the approval of these two subdivisions, and the motion was carried unanimously.

  1. John and Deborah England, Keith and Elizabeth Julius, and Bradley and Elizabeth B: They submitted a plan to subdivide an 11.090-acre tract into lots numbered 1, 2, and 3. These lots are located on Wells Landing Road and will create non-conforming tracks A and B to be conveyed with the adjoining lots 10 and 11 in the Old Bridge development. The property is zoned as out-vantage, and the surveyor confirmed that all corrections had been made. The project was ready for final and preliminary approval. A motion for approval was made and seconded, and there were no further discussions. The motion was carried.

Public Hearings

The meeting also included public hearings to discuss specific projects. The first public hearing was for Newcomb Oil Company Inc., who filed a site development plan on tractor land covering 3.035 acres located at Summit Drive in Kentucky. The property is zoned as highway business. The attendees were informed that the representative from Newcomb Oil Company Inc. was not present at the meeting. The meeting was briefly interrupted as the director left the room momentarily. The attendees were informed that the representative from Center College, who was scheduled for the next item, had not yet arrived at the meeting.

The public hearing continued with a discussion on the site plan presented by Newcomb Oil Company Inc. The site plan showed the proposed construction of a store and gas pumps on a three-acre portion of the property. The plan also included a new road that would extend towards Davco, with off-site drainage to be directed towards Davco as well. The city engineer, during the tech review meeting, expressed concerns about one of the access points and how it would function in relation to the frontage road, bypass, and future development in the area. The access point issue was discussed, and the attendees decided to request a representative from Newcomb Oil Company Inc. to provide alternative suggestions.

The representative from Newcomb Oil Company Inc., Brad Miles, addressed the concerns raised during the meeting. He informed the attendees that they planned to widen the intersection to include a left turn lane, a right turn lane, and an inbound lane. They also intended to flatten the slope to alleviate any issues with vehicle access. Brad Miles assured the attendees that they were aware of the concerns and were actively working on solutions.


The Planning and Zoning Meeting held by the City of Danville on June 22, 2022, covered a range of topics related to the growth and development of the community. The attendees discussed and approved minutes from the previous meeting, reviewed the financial report, addressed construction charities, approved subdivision plans, and held public hearings. The meeting provided an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss and make decisions regarding various projects with the aim of enhancing the community’s well-being and future.

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