Platte County Sheriff s Office Relocating and Upgrading with ARPA Funding

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The Platte County Sheriff’s Office in Kansas City is set to undergo significant changes thanks to $20 million in remaining COVID relief funds. The money will be used to renovate various county buildings, including the Sheriff’s Office. This means that the Sheriff’s Office will be moving to a new location, offering improved services to residents. Let’s dive into more details about this exciting development.

County Facilities in Need of Upgrades

For years, Platte County has been striving to upgrade its facilities and implement technology advancements. In order to meet the growing demands of the community, the county recognized the need for improvements. Peter Go, a Platte County resident since 2016, expressed his desire for a more user-friendly county website. He highlighted the importance of accessible property records and a streamlined system for paying bills online.

Utilizing ARPA Funding for Renovations

Platte County officials decided to allocate the remaining $20 million of COVID relief funding, originally provided through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), towards much-needed renovations. The focus of the improvements is to enhance the county court buildings, upgrade technology, and revamp the county website. These updates will enable residents to conduct more tasks online, reducing the need for in-person visits.

New Home for the Sheriff’s Office

As part of the renovation plan, the County Resource Center will become the new headquarters for the Platte County Sheriff’s Office. The current location, situated between the jail and courthouse in Platte City, no longer accommodates the growing needs of the Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Erik Holland explained that many employees are currently working in small spaces that were intended to be storage closets.

The move to the newly designated County Resource Center, located approximately 10 miles south, will provide significantly more space for the Sheriff’s Office. This move will also bring the Sheriff’s Office closer to the majority of the county’s population, as well as improve collaboration with other law enforcement agencies.

Improved Access and Service

The Platte County Sheriff’s Office aims to relocate and begin operations at the new facility in November. This move will mean a change in where residents go to conduct business with the sheriff’s office. The increased proximity to the population centers will allow for a stronger law enforcement presence and better response times. Residents are reassured that the relocation will greatly benefit the community, especially in terms of public safety.

Jail Expansion Challenges

While the renovations are a significant step forward, it’s important to note that the allocated funding cannot be used to expand the county jail. Platte County officials are actively advocating for an expanded or new jail facility. However, this remains an ongoing effort separate from the current renovation plans. The county recognizes the need for additional jail space to align with the growing demands of the community.

In conclusion, Platte County is making substantial progress in utilizing the remaining ARPA funding to renovate various buildings and create a new home for the Platte County Sheriff’s Office. The relocation to the County Resource Center will enhance the Sheriff’s Office operations and improve access for residents. While challenges remain regarding jail expansion, steps are being taken to address the issue and meet the community’s future needs. Stay tuned for further updates on these exciting changes in Platte County.

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