Property Tax Payments Are on the Rise: Where Does Your Money Go?

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As property values continue to soar, homeowners are feeling the pinch when it comes to their property tax bills. In this article, we will dive into the details of the increasing property tax payments and delve into where your hard-earned money is actually going. With insights from Hillsborough County Property Appraiser Bob and Enriquez, we will explore the relationship between property values and tax bills, as well as the impact on homeowners like Michael Perry. Additionally, we will uncover the distribution of tax revenue and the programs and services it funds, according to Hillsborough County Tax Collector Nancy Milan. So, let’s take a closer look at the rising property taxes and understand the factors contributing to this trend.

Understanding the Relationship Between Property Values and Tax Bills

Hillsborough County Property Appraiser Bob and Enriquez shed light on the correlation between property values and tax bills. He explains that property assessments are based on the market and reflect the amount a property could sell for between a willing buyer and a willing seller. Therefore, as property values increase, so does the assessed value, resulting in higher tax bills for homeowners. Enriquez cites a notable increase in median sale prices in Hillsborough County, with single-family homes experiencing a surge from $259,000 in 2019 to approximately $385,000 as of January 2022. This significant jump in property values has accelerated over the past year, causing homeowners like Michael Perry to see their property taxes rise.

Impact on Homeowners

Michael Perry, a resident of Plant City, has witnessed his property taxes steadily rise over the past 15 years. Despite residing in his home for 27 years, Perry recalls no instances of his tax bill decreasing. The increase in property taxes has put a strain on his budget, forcing him to allocate more funds towards his tax payments. Perry’s situation is not unique; many homeowners are finding it increasingly challenging to keep up with the rising property taxes. The burden of inflated property values and the resulting tax bills has caused some residents to call for tax breaks to alleviate the financial pressure they face.

Distribution of Tax Revenue: Where Does Your Money Go?

To better grasp the allocation of property tax revenue, ABC Action News reached out to Hillsborough County for clarification. According to Hillsborough County Tax Collector Nancy Milan, a record-breaking year in property tax collections occurred, with over $2.3 billion being collected and distributed in the previous year. Milan explains that your property tax bill comprises your home’s value and millage rates. These fees are then allocated to various taxing authorities and special districts. The funds are utilized to support programs and services within Hillsborough County, including investments in road infrastructure, libraries, and the education system. In essence, your property tax payments are directly contributing to the development and maintenance of your community.

Payment Options and Projections

For homeowners looking to manage their property tax payments, Hillsborough County Tax Collector Nancy Milan offers some alternatives. Paying the property tax bill before the end of November entitles homeowners to a four percent discount. Additionally, payment plans are available to ease the financial burden, allowing homeowners to spread out their payments over an extended period. Milan also reveals that the county projects approximately $2.7 billion in property tax collections for the year 2023. This projection indicates the continued upward trend of property tax payments as property values persist in their ascent.


As property values continue to rise, homeowners are grappling with the increasing burden of property tax payments. Understanding the relationship between property values and tax bills is crucial to comprehending the factors driving this trend. By uncovering the distribution of tax revenue, we can appreciate the tangible impact that property taxes have on our communities. Whether through investments in infrastructure or supporting local programs and services, property tax payments play a vital role in shaping the areas we call home. As homeowners navigate the challenges associated with rising property taxes, exploring payment options and potential tax breaks becomes essential. Ultimately, staying informed and engaged in the tax-paying process allows homeowners to make informed decisions and advocate for policies that benefit their financial stability.

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