Property Tax Update: Understanding the Process and Proposition HH

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In a recent Douglas County Town Hall meeting, property taxes and the upcoming Proposition HH were discussed. The meeting focused on educating citizens about property valuation, the appeal process, and the reasons behind the lawsuit filed by the Douglas County Commissioners against the proposition. This article aims to provide a detailed summary of the key points discussed in the meeting.

The Impact of a Recent Tornado

Before diving into the property tax discussion, the meeting addressed a recent tornado that hit Highlands Ranch, a town within Douglas County. Despite the damages caused to trees, fences, and homes, no injuries or deaths were reported. The meeting acknowledged the community’s resilience and thanked everyone who volunteered to help with the cleanup efforts.

Introduction of Representative Lisa Frizzell

State Representative Lisa Frizzell, who has extensive experience in property tax and evaluation, was present at the meeting. She expressed her gratitude towards the Douglas County Commissioners and Assessor Toby Domish for their remarkable community outreach efforts. Frizzell stated that the county’s level of outreach was unprecedented, both within the county and across the state. She highlighted the importance of understanding the property valuation and appeal processes, and emphasized the need to stay informed about the upcoming Proposition HH and the lawsuit filed against it.

Challenges in Addressing Property Tax Issues

Representative Frizzell acknowledged the challenges faced in addressing property tax issues. Efforts made through legislature to lower residential assessment rates and implement other measures had not been successful. She mentioned that the only thing the legislature could not do was take away citizens’ Tabor refunds, which is a crucial aspect that led to the inclusion of Proposition HH on the ballot. Frizzell encouraged citizens to pay close attention to the information presented during the meeting to make informed decisions regarding Proposition HH.

Insights from Assessor Toby Domish

Assessor Toby Domish, recognized statewide for his expertise in property taxes, addressed the audience. He referred to the current reappraisal as the most impactful in the history of Colorado. The property tax situation now faced by the state is also considered the most impactful. Domish emphasized the significance of the meeting by stating that property taxes affect everyone dramatically.

Accessing Information and Resources

Domish highlighted the availability of resources for citizens to learn more about their properties and the property valuation process. The Douglas County website,, allows citizens to view a video copy of the presentation and access informative slides. Additionally, the Assessor’s website,, provides an award-winning platform that offers a wealth of property information for all residents.

Taking Questions from the Audience

The meeting organizers welcomed questions from the audience, both in-person and online. They urged participants to follow the provided guidelines for submitting questions. This approach ensured that as many questions as possible could be answered during the session. The moderators also addressed the importance of using microphones in the room to ensure that all participants, including those online and on the phone, could hear the questions clearly.

Discussion with Michael Fields

Michael Fields, associated with the Advanced Colorado Institute, joined the panel to provide additional insights. Fields commended the County Commissioners and elected officials for their proactive approach in educating the public about property taxes and proposing solutions. Fields emphasized the need to address the rising property taxes that impact residents, particularly those on fixed incomes and seniors trying to remain in their homes.

Fields discussed the lawsuit filed by 17 counties, including Douglas County, against Proposition HH. The lawsuit challenges the proposition on grounds of multiple subjects and misleading ballot language. He expressed that Proposition HH seeks to use Tabor refunds instead of exploring other options to lower property taxes. Fields highlighted the importance of understanding the minimal relief offered by Proposition HH and the potential loss of $10 billion over ten years in Tabor refunds.


The Douglas County Town Hall meeting provided valuable insights into the property tax process and the upcoming Proposition HH. The meeting emphasized community outreach, education, and the need to take informed actions. With state representatives, assessors, and experts actively contributing to the discussions, citizens are better equipped to make decisions regarding their property taxes. The discussion surrounding the lawsuit against Proposition HH showcased the efforts made by the County Commissioners and elected officials in addressing the challenges faced by residents. By staying informed and engaged, citizens can actively participate in shaping the future of property taxes in Douglas County.

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