Property Taxes: A Major Concern in Monroe County

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In Monroe County, property taxes have become a major issue that is affecting homeowners and the local community. The impact of frozen property values and increasing tax rates has led to a significant decrease in property values and a burden on residents. This article will explore the challenges faced by homeowners in Monroe County and the need for legislative action to address this issue.

Declining Property Values

If we take a closer look at the real estate market in Monroe County, we can observe a troubling trend. A house that was purchased for $250,000 just five years ago is now valued at only $150,000. This significant drop in property values has created financial hardships for homeowners.

Furthermore, the property taxes on these homes have remained unchanged despite the decline in value. Homeowners are burdened with annual taxes of approximately $11,000, which is a considerable amount for many families. As a result, there are around 3,000 vacant homes in the county, as residents struggle to cope with the financial strain.

The Impact on Education Funding

One of the reasons Monroe County is particularly affected by this issue is a law passed in 1991 that froze property values for funding schools. This freeze in property values has had long-lasting consequences. The census data from that year is still being used to determine school funding, disregarding any changes in property values since then.

As a result, Monroe County has shouldered the burden of any growth or decline in property values over the years. The freeze has hindered the local school district’s ability to provide adequate resources for the education system. This imbalance in education funding has further contributed to the financial strain on property owners.

The Urgent Need for Assistance

The effects of frozen property values and increasing tax rates have not gone unnoticed. People are leaving Monroe County in search of more affordable options, further exacerbating the issue. The consequences of this trend are significant, not just for Monroe County but for the entire state of Pennsylvania.

An example of the distress caused by property taxes can be seen in the experience of a senior citizen who recently reached out to the representative’s office. She had been living in her home for over 15 to 20 years, initially paying less than a thousand dollars in property taxes. However, the current tax burden on her property has soared to approximately $7,500. This dramatic increase in such a short period highlights the severity of the issue.

Legislative Solutions

Recognizing the urgent need for assistance, local representatives have called for legislative action to address the property tax crisis in Monroe County. They emphasize the importance of finding a solution that benefits not only the county but also other regions facing similar challenges.

The proposed bill aims to alleviate the burden on homeowners and stimulate economic growth. By addressing the issue of property taxes, the legislation aims to prevent a further exodus of residents from Monroe County and help retain population growth within Pennsylvania.


The property tax situation in Monroe County is a matter of great concern for homeowners, local representatives, and the entire community. The decline in property values coupled with frozen tax rates has created an unsustainable financial burden. It is imperative that legislative action be taken to rectify this issue and instigate a positive change.

By implementing measures to address property taxes, Monroe County can regain stability, attract new residents, and foster economic growth. The urgency to find a resolution cannot be overstated. The time to act is now for the sake of the homeowners and the future of the community.

Thank you for your attention to this critical issue. Together, we can make a difference and create a better future for Monroe County and its residents.

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