Proposed New Wind Turbine Project in Piatt County Generating Clean Energy and Boosting Local Economy

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A new wind turbine project is on the horizon for northern Piatt County, and it has the potential to become the county’s largest taxpayer. Goose Creek Wind, a subsidiary of Apex Clean Energy, recently submitted its special use permit to Piatt County for the construction of 60 wind turbine locations. This project aims to generate clean and sustainable power while providing numerous benefits to the local community. In this article, we will delve into the details of the proposed wind turbine project, its potential impact on Piatt County, and the steps it will undergo for approval.

The Goose Creek Wind Project: Harnessing Wind Energy for a Better Future

Goose Creek Wind, affiliated with Apex Clean Energy, is leading the way in the development of a new wind turbine project in Piatt County. If approved, this project would be a game-changer, featuring a 300-megawatt farm comprised of 60 wind turbine locations. These turbines are expected to generate enough power to supply approximately 99,000 homes, making a significant contribution to the region’s energy needs. Through harnessing the power of wind, Piatt County could reduce reliance on fossil fuels and move closer to achieving clean energy goals.

Benefits of the Wind Turbine Project

  1. Economic Boost: One of the primary benefits of this wind turbine project is its potential to become the largest taxpayer in Piatt County. Over the lifespan of the project, it is estimated to generate a staggering $89 million in local tax benefits. These additional funds can support the development of critical infrastructure, education, healthcare, and public services, enhancing the overall quality of life for residents.

  2. Job Creation: The wind turbine project will also bring about an increase in job opportunities for the local community. From construction to maintenance and support roles, these turbines will create a demand for skilled labor, providing employment stability and economic growth.

  3. Increased Property Values: Another positive impact is the potential for this project to increase local property values. Studies have shown that wind turbine projects often have a positive effect on nearby property prices. Thus, homeowners in the vicinity of the turbines may experience a boost in their property’s value.

  4. Revenue Sharing Agreement: Piatt County is considering a revenue sharing agreement with Goose Creek Wind. This agreement would involve the company committing to share an additional $5 million with the county if the project receives approval. Such an agreement would further enhance the financial benefits for the local community, allowing the county to allocate resources strategically across various programs and initiatives.

The Approval Process

Before the Goose Creek Wind project can become a reality, it must undergo a thorough evaluation by the Piatt County Zoning Board of Appeals and the County Board. These entities will review the special use permit and assess its compliance with local regulations and environmental standards. It is crucial that the project demonstrates minimal impact on the surrounding environment while delivering substantial benefits to the community.


The proposed wind turbine project in Piatt County has the potential to revolutionize the region’s energy landscape. With its capacity to generate clean and sustainable power, support economic growth, create jobs, and boost local tax revenue, this project aligns with Piatt County’s vision for a greener and more prosperous future. As it moves through the approval process, the project leaders are committed to ensuring environmental stewardship and community well-being. Piatt County residents can eagerly anticipate a cleaner, brighter, and more prosperous future powered by renewable energy.

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