Readfield FY24 Public Budget Meeting & Hearing March 22, 2023: Ensuring Transparency and Fiscal Responsibility

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Welcome to the Readfield FY24 Public Budget Meeting & Hearing on March 22, 2023. In this meeting, the Town of Readfield, Maine, gathers to discuss and review the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The purpose of this article is to provide a detailed summary of the meeting and highlight the key points discussed. The meeting aims to ensure transparency, fiscal responsibility, and efficient allocation of resources in the Readfield community.

Attendance and Introductions

The meeting begins with attendance and introductions. Although some members are absent, the meeting proceeds as planned. The participants include members of the select board, budget committee, and town staff. Andy Coleman, the budget committee chair, and Catherine Woodson extend a warm welcome to everyone present.

Goals and Objectives

The meeting sets out several goals and objectives to guide the budget review process. These include improving communication with the public, incorporating public feedback, focusing on capital investment projects, utilizing long-range planning cycles, and maintaining fiscal responsibility. By adhering to these goals, Readfield aims to deliver services that meet the community’s expectations while keeping costs at the lowest possible level.

Budget Summary and Review

The meeting moves on to a comprehensive review of the proposed budget. The budget has undergone several revisions and has been developed in collaboration with various boards, committees, and town staff members. The budget committee has conducted multiple public meetings and presentations since October of the previous year. Each department and division’s budget has been thoroughly examined, with a focus on long-term planning and capital investments.

Land Use Ordinance Revisions

Additionally, the meeting touches on proposed revisions to the land use ordinance by the planning board. This step reflects Readfield’s commitment to ensuring effective and up-to-date regulations for land development within the community.

Proposed Beach Ordinance

The select board discusses a proposed beach ordinance, reflecting their ongoing efforts to balance the needs and desires of the community while maintaining the town’s natural resources and recreational assets.

Comprehensive Plan Update

The planning board presents a proposed comprehensive plan update, highlighting the importance of long-term planning and community development. The update will provide a timeline of key milestones and information about Readfield’s future plans.

Town Meeting and Voting Process

The meeting provides information about the town meeting and secret ballot vote. While the town meeting is not physically conducted, the community still votes on various matters through a secret ballot system. The importance of electing a moderator is stressed, as they play a vital role in overseeing the meeting and ensuring a fair voting process.

Budget Committee and Select Board Roles

During the meeting, there is a clarification regarding the roles of the budget committee and the select board in the budget process. The budget committee conducts an in-depth review of all budget requests and focuses on fiscal responsibility. The select board, on the other hand, works in collaboration with other boards, committees, and town staff to develop and revise the budget.

Budget Goals and Priorities

The meeting emphasizes the budget goals for the upcoming fiscal year, which include minimizing the budget’s impact on taxpayers, funding necessary expenses, maintaining fiscal responsibility, and pursuing creative financing options. The importance of maintaining a steady level of debt and prioritizing investments in recreational assets and public facilities is also highlighted.


The Readfield FY24 Public Budget Meeting & Hearing on March 22, 2023, serves as a forum for open discussion, transparency, and community involvement. The meeting reviews the proposed budget, addresses concerns and questions, and sets the stage for responsible fiscal planning in the town of Readfield, Maine. By adhering to their goals and objectives, Readfield aims to provide quality services, meet resident expectations, and ensure a prosperous future for the community. For more information about the budget and upcoming events, please visit the official Readfield website at

This article provides a detailed summary of the Readfield FY24 Public Budget Meeting & Hearing on March 22, 2023. The meeting focused on reviewing the budget, discussing proposed ordinance revisions, and providing updates on the comprehensive plan. The meeting aimed to ensure transparency, fiscal responsibility, and community involvement in Readfield, Maine. For more information about the budget and upcoming events, please visit the official Readfield website.

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