Rising Property Values in Wichita County Cause Concern Among Property Owners

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Property owners in Wichita County have recently received letters from the Wichita County Appraisal District, notifying them of increased property taxes. These rising values have left many residents feeling frustrated and concerned. The county’s chief appraiser, Darrell, attributes these high increases to the current state of the housing market and the effects of inflation. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the rising property values, the impact on residents, and what steps can be taken to manage the situation.

Understanding the Reasons for the High Increases

The Wichita County Appraisal District office is experiencing a surge in activity due to growing concerns over recent property values. Lisa Stephens, the chief appraiser, who has been with the appraisal district for 24 years, acknowledges that while property values fluctuate over time, the magnitude of the current increases is significant. Factors such as the state of the housing market and the effects of inflation play a role in driving up property values.

Impact on Residents

The substantial increases in property values have left many residents feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about their ability to manage the resulting tax bills. Denise Lucas, a Wichita County resident, shares her experience of seeing her property values double in just two years. This drastic increase in property values has left her wondering how she will cope with the financial implications.

Appraisal District’s Role

Lisa Stephens clarifies that the Wichita County Appraisal District is bound by law to appraise properties at their market value. This ensures that other entities, such as the local school district, can continue to receive adequate state funding. While property owners may find the increase in their appraisal notice shocking, Stephens encourages them to verify whether they are eligible for any exemptions, such as homestead exemptions, which can help mitigate the impact of higher taxes.

Concerns for Vulnerable Residents

The rising property values and subsequent increase in taxes have raised concerns among vulnerable residents, particularly those on fixed incomes. Many fixed-income individuals who rely on affordable rental housing may face challenges with rising rents. If landlords need to increase rent to offset higher taxes, these individuals may struggle to afford their housing. This issue is not unique to Wichita County and is seen in various areas across the country.

Addressing the Concerns

Denise Lucas, along with other concerned property owners, urges county leaders to address the situation and find ways to support vulnerable residents. They hope that measures can be implemented to alleviate the financial burden imposed by rising property values and taxes. State Representative James Frank acknowledges the concerns and emphasizes that the appraised value is just the first step in a multi-step process to determine the total tax bill. He assures residents that local taxing entities may need to reduce tax rates to compensate for the significant increase in property values.

Taking Action: Protest Your Appraisal

It is important for property owners to be aware of their rights and options in this situation. The deadline to protest appraisals in Wichita County is May 16th. Property owners who believe their property has been overvalued or have concerns about their appraisal can submit a protest to the Wichita County Appraisal District. This process allows property owners to present their case and potentially achieve a fairer valuation.


The rising property values in Wichita County have sparked concern and frustration among property owners. The current state of the housing market and the effects of inflation have contributed to these significant increases. It is crucial for property owners to understand their rights and explore options such as exemptions and protest processes to manage the impact of these higher property taxes. County leaders are being called upon to address the concerns and support vulnerable residents facing the financial burden. By taking these steps, property owners can navigate these challenging times and advocate for fair property valuations.

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