Rock Island County 1 Option Sales Tax for Schools Investing in Education and Building a Stronger Community

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In Rock Island County, a campaign known as “Kids First” is gaining momentum and support, aiming to bring much-needed improvements and investments to the local education system. This campaign, if approved, will establish a 1% option sales tax dedicated to funding the construction of new schools and enhancing existing facilities. In this article, we will delve into the key points of the campaign and highlight the positive impact it can have on both education and the local economy.

Investing in Education

One of the primary objectives of the Kids First campaign is to provide Rock Island County schools with approximately thirteen million dollars annually. This funding will be utilized for the construction of new schools and the improvement of existing infrastructure, ultimately enhancing the overall learning environment for all children in the region. By investing in such improvements, the campaign aims to elevate the quality of education and foster a conducive atmosphere for academic success.

Boosting the Local Economy

Apart from the direct impact on education, a “yes” vote for Kids First will also yield significant benefits for the local economy. With the influx of funds into school construction and improvements, new job opportunities will emerge, injecting fresh momentum into the Quad City job market. Young professionals, attracted by the improved facilities and educational resources, may choose to settle in Rock Island County, further stimulating economic growth. Additionally, the campaign’s success could help ignite a renewed sense of pride in the community, attracting new families and boosting the local housing market.

Easing the Burden on Property Taxes

One of the most notable advantages of the Kids First campaign is its potential to alleviate the reliance on property taxes for funding schools. Historically, property taxes have shouldered the burden of financing school construction and maintenance. However, a “yes” vote will enable school districts to explore the possibility of freezing or even reducing property taxes dedicated to these purposes. This shift could bring much-needed relief to homeowners and potentially lead to a more balanced and sustainable funding model in the long run.

Addressing Concerns

Critics of the Kids First campaign may question the timing of the measure, especially considering the perceived weakness of the national economy. They may argue that waiting a few months or even years would be a more prudent approach. However, proponents of the campaign believe that the time to act is now. As Martin Luther King once said, “The time is always right to do what is right for our kids and our schools.” With an urgent need for improved educational facilities and a desire to uplift the county’s economy, waiting could potentially hinder progress and create further challenges in the future.


Rock Island County’s Kids First campaign presents an opportunity for significant advancements in both education and the local economy. By approving the 1% option sales tax, residents have the chance to positively impact the lives of children while fostering economic growth. Investing in the construction of new schools and enhancing existing facilities will provide an improved learning environment, fostering a brighter future for Rock Island County.

As the campaign gains momentum, it is crucial for voters to understand the importance of their vote. A “yes” vote means investing in education, boosting the local economy, and potentially relieving the burden on property taxes. Rock Island County has the chance to build a better future now, providing first-class education and building a stronger community. Let’s come together and support the Kids First campaign on April 7th, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.

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