Screven County Tax Commissioner Office A Discussion on the AllGreen Contract Amendment

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In this article, we will be discussing a recent Commission discussion that took place on July 14, 2021, regarding an amendment to the contract between the Screven County Tax Commissioner Office and AllGreen Services. This discussion raises important questions and concerns that need to be addressed in order to ensure transparency and efficiency in the operation of the Tax Commissioner Office.

Understanding the Contract Amendment

The discussion begins with a consideration to approve an amendment agreement with AllGreen Services, providing an update on the contract in question. The speaker raises concerns about various points mentioned in the contract and expresses the need to address them in writing to ensure they are properly recorded. They provide a copy of their objections to the amendment, focusing on several key paragraphs.

An Examination of Paragraphs

The speaker focuses on Paragraphs 1 and 2 of the contract, highlighting discrepancies and false statements. They argue that the original solid waste transportation agreement was not an exclusive agreement and that the terms of five annually renewable terms were not accurately reflected. Furthermore, they challenge the definition of certain words used in the contract, such as “annually” and “renewable,” to support their argument.

Moving on to Paragraph 6, the speaker emphasizes that the contract does not bring any financial gain to the county. They point out that despite the increased use of the transfer station by AllGreen Services and Atlantic Waste Services, the county will continue to incur costs for maintenance, operations, and repairs.

Paragraph 7 references the rates, particularly the transportation rate of $18 per ton. The speaker argues that this rate is still too high for a county that has its own trailers and could potentially haul the trash at a lower rate. They also mention a fuel surcharge schedule and loading fee, raising concerns about additional costs for the county.

Paragraph 9 discusses the disposal of municipal solid waste from neighboring counties. The speaker questions the financial benefits to the county, given the minimal revenue generated from this arrangement.

Lack of Defined Rules and Safeguards

The speaker further highlights several issues that are not present in the contract. They express concerns about insurance liability, compensation for the use of county-owned property, and the absence of defined rules regarding storage and access to the transfer station. They argue that granting access to an individual who previously fought against the county’s landfill plans without defined rules is concerning.

Additionally, the lack of oversight in tracking incoming and outgoing trash raises billing and revenue concerns. The speaker states that records indicate a lack of billing for certain periods, highlighting the need for proper monitoring and documentation.

Request for Revisions and Citizen Involvement

In conclusion, the speaker expresses their intention to vote against the amendment due to the incomplete and inaccurate stipulations. They implore the board to hold off on voting and instead engage in open discussions with the citizens of the county to address the concerns raised. This would allow for revisions and additions to be made to the contract to ensure the best interests of the citizens are met.


The discussion on the AllGreen contract amendment brings to light various concerns and discrepancies within the contract. The speaker highlights issues pertaining to the terms, rates, financial implications for the county, and the lack of defined rules and safeguards. They emphasize the need for transparency, oversight, and citizen involvement in the decision-making process.

It is essential for the Screven County Tax Commissioner Office to thoroughly review the contract, address the concerns raised, and ensure that the amendment aligns with the best interests of the county and its residents. By doing so, they can uphold their oath of office and demonstrate their commitment to serving the community.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the speaker in the video and do not necessarily reflect the official stance of the Screven County Tax Commissioner Office.

Note: This article is a fictitious representation created for the purpose of demonstrating writing skills. The content and information provided in this article are not accurate or based on real events.

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