Select Board Meeting 1/17/2023 – Town of Dover, VT: Updates and Key Points

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In this article, we will provide a detailed summary of the Select Board Meeting held on January 17th, 2023, by the Town of Dover, VT. The meeting covered various topics, including updates from the highway department, budget considerations, parking lot agreements, and the resignation of the assistant assessor. We will delve into each topic and provide step-by-step explanations to ensure a thorough understanding.

Highway Department Update

The meeting began with an update from the highway department regarding an incident that occurred on Friday the 13th. A truck from the department had overturned on slippery ice, but fortunately, there was no damage to the truck or the operator. Both the truck and the operator were back in service, which was good news for the board. The board also discussed a towing bill and the possibility of a deductible for some minor damage to the truck’s door and mirror.

Budget Considerations

Next on the agenda was the approval of the 2324 budget. However, the board members expressed concern as they had only received the fire department’s amended budget that afternoon, and it had significantly increased. They decided that a meeting with the fire chief was necessary to discuss the changes before proceeding with the budget approval. The board agreed to schedule a budget meeting to review the fire department’s budget and make informed decisions.

Parking Lot Agreements

The board then revisited the parking lot agreements for 171 and 183 Vermont Route 100. Rick, a representative from the town, presented the numbers for the parking fees. After consulting with Travis, it was determined that the proposed fees were reasonable for a season’s worth of plowing. The board agreed to pay $500 for one lot and $525 for the other lot for the current season. They also discussed the importance of keeping the parking lot open during the winter, as it was often used by the public for events and concerts. The board authorized up to $1,025 for plowing at the two lots at the Dover board building for the 22-23 season.

Schedule for Review with Linda Sherman

The meeting moved on to scheduling a review with Linda Sherman. The board members agreed to meet on February 9th at 8 AM. They considered various factors such as availability and preferred meeting times to ensure a successful review process. Linda, however, mentioned that she needed some time to gather her thoughts and write her comments, so pushing the meeting a couple of weeks later would be ideal. They settled on the agreed-upon date for the review, and Linda ensured that she would provide another copy of her review to replace the one that was damaged.

Assistant Assessor Resignation and Advertisement

The board then addressed the resignation of the assistant assessor and the need to advertise the replacement position. Linda proposed revamping the job description and researching the difference between an assessor clerk and an assessor assistant. She sought approval from the board to move forward with creating a job description and an advertisement. Once the job description was finalized, it would be sent to Sarah, who would write the advertisement. The board members agreed to authorize the advertisement of the position based on the feedback provided by Joe and Sarah.


In this detailed article, we discussed the key points and updates from the Select Board Meeting held on January 17th, 2023, by the Town of Dover, VT. We covered various topics, including the highway department update, budget considerations, parking lot agreements, and the resignation of the assistant assessor. The board members discussed each topic thoroughly and made informed decisions regarding the town’s affairs. By providing a step-by-step process and highlighting important details, this article ensures that readers have a comprehensive understanding of the meeting’s outcomes.

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