St John the Baptist Parish President Candidate Accused of Making Racist Comments

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In a shocking turn of events, St. John the Baptist Parish President candidate, Daniel Becnel, has been accused of leaving a racially divisive voice message for one of his opponent’s supporters. The incumbent president, Natalie Robottom, is fighting for re-election and has expressed her extreme disappointment in her challenger’s actions.

The voicemail message in question was left by Becnel to Norma Jane Sabiston, a former chief of staff to Senator Mary Landrieu. In the message, Becnel makes disturbing comments about race and suggests that white people will outvote black people in the election, claiming that they are taking “their parish back.” He also tells Sabiston not to come back to St. John’s.

It is clear from the voicemail that Becnel was intentionally trying to inject race into the political race. The comments he made about the numbers of voters by race are intolerable and have been condemned by numerous council members who are supporting Robottom. They have expressed their disappointment in seeing race injected into a political race where it is unnecessary. The parish is looking to come together, not be divided.

Becnel, who is also a Democrat, sent out an ad featuring prominent political figures, including Congressman Cedric Richmond, State Senator Karen Carter Peterson, and New Orleans lawyer and political operative Ike Spears. In the ad, Becnel claims that “New Orleans interests are trying to take over our parish” and urges voters not to let them. He says that his voice message touched on this issue as well. However, Robottom, who is the first African American parish president in St. John Parish, is skeptical of Becnel’s claims.

Robottom believes that Becnel’s true colors are being revealed just one day before the election. She points out that Becnel has close ties to former President Bill Clinton and his wife, who is the Democratic candidate. Additionally, Becnel’s son currently works for President Barack Obama. These connections raise questions about Becnel’s motives and intentions.

As the election draws near, it is important for voters to consider the values and character of the candidates they are supporting. Racist comments have no place in our society, let alone in a political race. St. John the Baptist Parish deserves a leader who will unite the community and work towards the betterment of all residents, regardless of race or background.

In conclusion, the recent accusations against Daniel Becnel, a candidate for St. John the Baptist Parish President, have highlighted the importance of integrity and inclusivity in our political system. The voicemail message he left containing racist comments is unacceptable and goes against the values of equality and unity. As voters, it is crucial to carefully consider the character and values of the candidates we support. Let us strive for a community and a political system that embraces diversity and works towards the betterment of all its residents.

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