St Landry Property Tax Plan Improving Education in St Landry Parish

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In this article, we will discuss the St. Landry property tax plan, which aims to improve the quality of education in St. Landry Parish. The plan consists of two proposals that will be on the ballot, one for capital improvements and the other for salaries. These proposals will provide funding for renovations, technology upgrades, and support employee salaries. We will dive into the details of each proposal, its significance, and the impact it will have on the education system in St. Landry Parish.

Proposal Details

Capital Improvements

The capital improvement plan is a 20-year bond that will raise ninety-nine million dollars. This plan focuses on renovating and improving the current school facilities in St. Landry Parish. With approximately 37 facilities in need of attention, it is crucial to address the disarray and outdated infrastructure. Many of the buildings are over 60 years old, with some dating back to the early 1900s. By investing in capital improvements, the aim is to provide a conducive learning environment for students and teachers alike.

A facility assessment study highlighted the urgent need for renovations and cost-cutting measures. The average age of a building in St. Landry Parish is about 60 years, which emphasizes the critical need for updates. By modernizing the buildings, providing better lighting, air conditioning, and technological resources, students can have a better quality of education and reduce absences due to illness.


The second proposal focuses on salaries for all employees in St. Landry Parish. This proposal aims to generate approximately seven and a half million dollars annually for a period of ten years. Unlike the capital improvement plan, this proposal is renewable and will support the retention and attraction of highly qualified employees. Teachers, support staff, cafeteria workers, clerks, and secretaries will all benefit from the increased salaries.

Retention of current employees is vital to ensuring the continuity of education and maintaining a high standard of teaching. By providing competitive salaries, the St. Landry Parish school district aims to retain experienced and dedicated professionals. The salary increase equals three thousand dollars per teacher and two thousand dollars for support employees annually over the ten-year bond period.

It is important to note that the additional funding for salaries also comes with an added benefit. Through the Louisiana Department of Education, St. Landry Parish will receive an additional five million dollars annually due to their local effort. This funding will further support the teachers, students, and overall education system in the parish.

Cost Breakdown

For homeowners in St. Landry Parish, the impact of these proposals on their property taxes varies based on assessed value. Let’s take the example of a homeowner with a property assessed at approximately $100,000. The cost breakdown is as follows:

  • Daily: Approximately 16 cents
  • Monthly: Approximately $5
  • Annually: Approximately $60

These figures demonstrate that the financial impact on homeowners is reasonable and contributes to improving education in the parish.

Education Rankings

St. Landry Parish currently ranks at the bottom in terms of millage rate and academic performance among the 69 school districts in the state of Louisiana. With a millage rate of 20.52, the parish is aiming to improve its education standards and move away from the lower rankings. The ultimate goal is to become an A-rated school district and provide a better quality of education to its students.

Impact on Quality of Education

The property tax plan encompasses both improved facilities and enhanced curriculum resources. By addressing the outdated buildings and providing modern classrooms, St. Landry Parish aims to create an environment conducive to 21st-century learning. Facilities play a crucial role in the learning process, influencing student attendance, teacher performance, and overall education quality.

Upgrading facilities will also provide opportunities for more advanced technology integration, such as computers and wireless access. This will bridge the technology gap and allow students to have equal access to resources and prepare them for the demands of the modern world.

The plan also allows for investment in curricula and resources for teachers. The additional funding from the local effort will empower teachers to deliver high-quality instruction, provide additional support to students, and enhance the overall learning experience.

Plan Development Process and Transparency

Developing a comprehensive plan takes time, and St. Landry Parish has taken various steps to ensure transparency and the best possible outcome. The process included a demographic study to understand student growth and trends within the parish, as well as a facility assessment to determine renovation needs.

The results of these assessments guided the decision-making process for the plan. The St. Landry Parish school district wants to be transparent and has made all the details of the plan available online. This includes the facility assessment, demographic assessment, and thousands of pictures to provide a comprehensive overview of the proposed changes.

Job Impact

Contrary to concerns over job loss, the plan does not entail any job cuts. The implementation will occur in phases, allowing the school district to carefully manage staffing needs. Through attrition, the school district plans to reevaluate staffing requirements and make adjustments accordingly. This strategy ensures that every employee remains employed while still addressing the needs of the parish.


The St. Landry property tax plan aims to improve the quality of education in St. Landry Parish through capital improvements and increased salaries for employees. The investment in infrastructure will provide modern facilities, conducive to 21st-century learning, while the salary increase will support employee retention and attract new talent to the parish.

By addressing the disparity in facilities and enhancing resources, St. Landry Parish aims to improve its education rankings and create a better learning environment for its students. The plan has been developed through a transparent and comprehensive process, with the goal of providing the best possible education for the future generation of St. Landry Parish.

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