Stockbridge Board of Assessors Meeting, May 8, 2023

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In this article, we will be discussing the details of the Stockbridge Board of Assessors meeting that took place on May 8, 2023. The meeting was held in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and was attended by various members of the community. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and address important matters related to the town’s assessments and property taxes.

Thanking Tom Stokes

The meeting began with a heartfelt farewell to Tom Stokes, who was attending his last meeting as a member of the board. Stokes had served the town diligently for the past six years and was thanked by both the board and members of the community for his service and dedication.

Review of Meeting Minutes

Following the farewell, the board conducted a review of the minutes from the previous meeting. They also discussed various matters related to motor vehicle abatement applications, map changes, and exemption reimbursements on Gateway. The board decided to process the applications and requested reimbursement on the statutory exemptions that were granted.

Budget and Supplies

The board also addressed budgetary concerns for the upcoming fiscal year. They discussed the need to order necessary supplies before the end of the year and agreed to do so promptly. They also mentioned that the new website for the town was in the testing phase and would soon be up and running. The website was expected to have improved features and better accessibility for the public. They discussed the importance of updating the website with relevant information and providing links to resources that would benefit the community.

Enhancements to the Website

During the meeting, the board members shared their thoughts on how the new website could be further enhanced. They discussed the possibility of adding links to training sessions, videos, and other resources that would be beneficial to the public. They also mentioned the availability of analytical web pages that provided comprehensive statistical data about each community in Massachusetts. The board expressed their desire to include a link to this website on their own site, as it would provide valuable information to the residents.

Data Retention Policy

The topic of data retention policies was also brought up during the meeting. The board members questioned whether the town had adopted a policy regarding the preservation of meeting videos and other digital content. They emphasized the importance of having a clear policy in place and stated that they would address this matter in future meetings.


The Stockbridge Board of Assessors meeting on May 8, 2023, was a productive one, with various important matters being discussed and addressed. Tom Stokes was thanked for his years of service, and the board focused on reviewing motor vehicle abatement applications, map changes, exemption reimbursements, and budgetary concerns. The members also discussed the enhancements to the town’s new website and the need for a data retention policy. Overall, the meeting served as an important platform for the board members to discuss and make decisions regarding the town’s assessments and property taxes.

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