Success in the CTE Program: Former PWCS Students Thriving at High Purity Systems

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In this article, we will discuss the success stories of former students from Prince William County Schools (PWCS) who have excelled in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. Specifically, we will focus on their employment at High Purity Systems, a reputable mechanical contractor specializing in stainless steel piping for the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and aerospace industries.

The Power of the PWCS CTE Program

The Prince William County school system has gained recognition for its exceptional CTE program. Through this program, students are equipped with valuable skills and expertise that directly contribute to their future success in various industries. Many graduates have found lucrative employment opportunities as a result of their training and education.

From Welding Program to Welding Career

Thomas Singh, a former student at Thomas Sing in High School, embarked on his journey to success through the welding program. Graduating in 2018, Singh mastered various hand welding techniques which paved the way for his employment at High Purity Systems. The company recognized the high skill level exhibited by PWCS welding program graduates, making them desirable candidates for recruitment.

The Impact of CAD Education

Similarly, students at Brentsville District High School have found success through the CTE program. One such individual is a former student who graduated in 2014. During their time at Brentsville, they took a tech-aid class with Mr. Smoltz where they learned CAD drawings. This CAD education served as a foundation for their future career at High Purity Systems.

High-Purity Systems: A Potential Employer

High Purity Systems, a renowned mechanical contractor, offers promising career opportunities for those with the necessary skills and expertise. They specialize in stainless steel piping and cater to industries such as semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, and aerospace. Due to the high-quality talent emerging from the PWCS CTE program, High Purity Systems has increasingly focused on recruitment efforts within the school system.

Transition from Student to Employee

When the welding instructor at Brentsville District High School contacted one graduate about a job opportunity at High Purity Systems, it marked the beginning of their professional journey. Initially hired as a helper, they eventually advanced to the apprenticeship program after passing a math test. Joining as a first-year apprentice, they were given the opportunity to follow their dreams and pursue a successful career in welding.

The Valuable Apprenticeship Program

High Purity Systems provides a comprehensive apprenticeship program for those who are accepted. One of the most notable advantages of this program is that it is entirely funded by the company, alleviating the burden of tuition fees for the apprentices. As they progress through the program, apprentices earn increasing wages, creating a win-win situation for their educational and financial growth.

A Career Path Free of Debt

Completing the apprenticeship program at High Purity Systems ensures that graduates enter the workforce without any debt. This is a significant advantage compared to traditional educational paths that often burden students with loans. Additionally, by acquiring valuable skills through the apprenticeship, individuals have a lifelong asset that cannot be taken away from them.

Learning from Experienced Professionals

Since High Purity Systems prioritizes the growth and development of their apprentices, experienced professionals guide them throughout their journey. These mentors explain each step of the work process, ensuring that the apprentices gain firsthand knowledge and expertise. This comprehensive approach guarantees that future tasks will be executed flawlessly.

The Family Environment at High Purity Systems

Working at High Purity Systems is not just about the job; it is about being part of a supportive and welcoming family. Employees describe the work environment as a blessing, highlighting the family-like bond among the personnel. Such an atmosphere fosters a sense of belonging and passion for the work, making the days pass by quickly and effortlessly.

A Bright Future for Aspiring Talent

For new students and young talent aspiring to enter the industry, the future looks exceptionally bright. The success stories of former PWCS students who have thrived at High Purity Systems serve as inspirations for those considering a career in welding or related fields. The CTE program at Prince William County Schools continues to produce skilled individuals, ready to make their mark in the workforce.

In conclusion, the success achieved by former Prince William County Schools students at High Purity Systems is a testament to the effectiveness of the CTE program. Through welding and CAD education, these individuals have found meaningful and lucrative careers in the mechanical contracting industry. With the support of High Purity Systems’ apprenticeship program, they have been able to pursue their dreams without the burden of student debt. As the future shines brightly for new talent, the impact of the PWCS CTE program continues to transform lives and contribute to the success of local industries.

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