Tackling Abuse and Violations at the LaSalle County Treasurer’s Office in Ottawa, IL

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In this article, we will delve into the disturbing incidents that have reportedly occurred at the LaSalle County Treasurer’s Office in Ottawa, IL. Accountability Angel, a prominent YouTube channel, sheds light on allegations of mistreatment, threats, and violations against the state’s attorney’s office and the sheriff’s office. We will explore the account provided in the video, highlighting the key points and concerns raised by Accountability Angel.

Key Points

  1. Mistreatment at the State’s Attorney’s Office:
  2. The video begins with Accountability Angel expressing frustration over the treatment she received at the state’s attorney’s office. She recounts being treated poorly while attempting to file a complaint at the sheriff’s office, which led her to visit the LaSalle County Treasurer’s Office.
  3. Accountability Angel encounters an individual who questions her purpose for being there, leading to a tense exchange.
  4. She emphasizes that she is a crime victim within the state’s attorney’s office and warns the individual that she will report their behavior if it continues.

  5. Interaction with Kara, the Victim’s Advocate:

  6. Accountability Angel inquires about Kara, the victim’s advocate, and requests assistance in reporting an issue.
  7. She provides a detailed account of a previous visit, where she had a cordial conversation before encountering unnecessary hostility from multiple staff members.
  8. Lieutenant Dyke and other individuals surround her, making her feel threatened and intimidated during a supposedly routine visit.
  9. Accountability Angel expresses her frustration with the lack of respect and professionalism displayed by the staff.

  10. Lack of Response to Multiple Complaints:

  11. Over the past month, Accountability Angel claims to have tried contacting Adam Dis and leaving him multiple voicemails regarding the mistreatment she experienced. However, she has yet to receive a response.
  12. She decides to take matters into her own hands by physically visiting the office to address her concerns in person.
  13. The security measures implemented by the office make it challenging for her to document incidents, hindering her ability to ensure accountability.

  14. Ottawa Police Department’s Involvement:

  15. The Ottawa Police Department is contacted by the offices at the LaSalle County Treasurer’s Office with a false claim that Accountability Angel wants to file a criminal charge.
  16. Accountability Angel clarifies to the police officer that she is a victim within the state’s attorney’s office and intends to conduct her business without any issues.

  17. Challenging the Intimidation Tactics:

  18. Accountability Angel asserts her rights as a victim and emphasizes her need to address the violations she has experienced.
  19. She expresses frustration with the attempts to prevent her from redressing her grievances against the sheriff’s department.
  20. Despite feeling uncomfortable and threatened, Accountability Angel remains determined to fight for justice and not allow the mistreatment to continue unaddressed.

  21. Seeking Assistance From the Victim Witness Coordinator:

  22. Accountability Angel provides her phone number for the victim witness coordinator to contact her and address the violation of her rights.
  23. She emphasizes the need to address these issues, even if they are technically not within the state’s attorney’s office, as they occur when she visits the treasurer’s office.


The LaSalle County Treasurer’s Office in Ottawa, IL has come under scrutiny due to allegations made by Accountability Angel of mistreatment, threats, and violations against her rights as a crime victim. This article has highlighted the key points made in the YouTube video, emphasizing the need for accountability and justice. Accountability Angel’s determination to address these issues reinforces the importance of standing up against mistreatment and ensuring proper protocols are followed in government offices. The LaSalle County Treasurer’s Office and related authorities should take these allegations seriously and conduct a thorough investigation into the reported incidents of mistreatment.

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