Tax Lien Houston County, TN: Get Incredible Foreclosure Deals in North Alabama

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Are you on the lookout for incredible foreclosure deals in North Alabama? Look no further! In this article, we will introduce you to Huntsville Foreclosure Homes, a website that offers over 120 amazing foreclosure properties in the area. These properties are currently available at mind-blowing discounts of up to 70, 60, or even 50 percent off the market value. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, an investor, or looking for a fixer-upper, Huntsville Foreclosure Homes has something for everyone!

Finding Incredible Deals at Huntsville Foreclosure Homes

To get started on your foreclosure property hunt, simply visit or call 256-679-7061. With over 120 properties currently on the market, you’ll be spoiled for choice. The listings include a range of options, from bank-owned homes and rental properties to apartments, fixer-uppers, and even lakeside and commercial properties.

Exploring the Great Deals Available

Let’s delve into some of the fantastic deals available on Huntsville Foreclosure Homes. For instance, in North Huntsville, you can find a cozy three-bedroom house listed at just $21,000. As you scroll down the website, you’ll come across an array of brilliant deals that are too good to pass up. You’ll find multiple properties, ranging from three to five bedrooms, all priced below $100,000. These prices are significantly lower than the market value, making them an exceptional opportunity for savvy homebuyers and investors alike.

A Standout Property: East Huntsville Area

Among the many properties available, one stands out in the East Huntsville area. This stunning four-bedroom home offers three bathrooms and a total of eight rooms spread across 1800 square feet. Normally, a property like this would be priced at around $130,000 to $140,000 in the current market. However, Huntsville Foreclosure Homes has it listed at an unbelievable price of $94,500. This exceptional deal allows buyers to secure a beautiful home in a quiet neighborhood at a fraction of the price they would typically pay.


If you’re looking for amazing foreclosure deals in North Alabama, Huntsville Foreclosure Homes is the place to go. With over 120 properties available right now and discounts of up to 70, 60, or 50 percent, these listings offer an incredible opportunity for homebuyers and investors. Whether you’re searching for your dream home or a promising investment, Huntsville Foreclosure Homes has the perfect property for you. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to secure your future at rock-bottom prices!

To get started, visit or call 256-679-7061. Explore the listings, find your dream property, and seize the chance to make a smart investment. The affordable, high-value deals at Huntsville Foreclosure Homes won’t last long, so act now!

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