Taxes, Elections, and GIS: Updates and Insights for December 2022

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In this article, we will provide a thorough overview of the latest updates and insights discussed in the YouTube video titled “Taxes, Election, GIS 12-20-2022” from the LaSalle County Board. We will cover important points related to taxes, elections, and GIS (Geographic Information System), providing valuable information for the residents of LaSalle County, Illinois. This article aims to serve as a comprehensive guide for anyone seeking information about these topics and their impacts on the community.

Taxes in LaSalle County, Illinois

Public Safety Tax

The video starts with a discussion on the Public Safety Tax in LaSalle County. It is important to note that this tax is equivalent to 0.25% of sales tax. The collected funds are allocated to the public safety account, which is used for various purposes by the sheriff’s office and community advocates. The presenter mentions that the tax collection for December 2022 shows a positive growth of 12.61% compared to the previous year. This is a significant improvement from previous years when there were instances of negative dollar amounts. The presenter explains that this positive trend is expected to continue, especially with the holiday season sales in February and March, which typically generate higher revenue numbers.

Investments and Income Generation

The treasurer also provides an update on the county’s investments and income generation. They mention that new investments were made based on the current projections. The yield on these investments has increased from half a basis point to over three basis points, resulting in a significant increase in total income. The treasurer anticipates that with upcoming larger certificates due in January and February, the rates will remain favorable, potentially reaching about four percent. These investments are expected to generate over a million dollars in income, a substantial increase from the previous year’s income of $158,000.

Resolutions and Property Tax Cycle

The treasurer presents some basic types of resolutions related to tax filings that the committee members should be familiar with. These resolutions play a crucial role in governing tax-related matters in LaSalle County. Additionally, the treasurer provides an overview of the property tax cycle, highlighting the responsibilities of the assessor, the county clerk, and the treasurer. This information serves as a recap for the committee members and helps them understand the various duties associated with the property tax cycle.

Meeting Updates and Miscellaneous Information

The treasurer concludes their update by inviting committee members to review the provided documents and visit their office for any further questions or clarifications. They state that the information covered in the meeting will continue to be discussed in future sessions as resolutions are presented. The treasurer also provides updates on parcel certificates and tax sale certificates, which require approval from the full board. The committee unanimously approves the resolutions and discusses the upcoming Christmas holidays, wishing each other well.

Elections in LaSalle County, Illinois

In the next segment of the video, the County Clerk’s Office provides updates on elections in LaSalle County. The County Clerk begins by announcing a decrease of $5,035.28 in November’s expenses compared to October. This decrease is primarily attributed to lower marriage and credit card purchases. Additionally, expenses for November 2022 are $2,182.63 lower than those in November 2021.

The County Clerk shares that the November election has been successfully concluded, and preparations are underway for the upcoming Consolidated Election on April 4, 2023. The current election equipment will be used for this election, with maintenance scheduled for early January to ensure proper functioning during early voting. Other election equipment will receive servicing in the coming months. The County Clerk’s Office is actively working on securing election judges, training locations, and polling places for the Consolidated Election. Filings for school boards began on December 12th and concluded on December 19th, with a total of 93 filings across six school districts. A lottery will be conducted on December 28, 2022, to determine the ballot order for some school districts.

The County Clerk’s Office also informs the committee about ongoing efforts related to tax levies. They are currently working on the filings, with the last day to file tax levies being December 27, 2022. The County Clerk encourages committee members to reach out if they have any questions and concludes by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Recording and Indexing in LaSalle County, Illinois

Finally, the Recorder’s Office provides insights into their operations related to recording and indexing land records in LaSalle County. The representative explains that November 2022 witnessed a decline in the number of recorded documents compared to the same period last year. However, the office continues to handle an average of 70 documents per day. The office is also actively engaged in back indexing, where historical documents are indexed and posted in the system for smooth and efficient searchability. The recorder’s office has collaborated with Condor Indexing Services to expedite this process. The service provider has successfully indexed and posted 5,331 documents from the backlog, enabling quicker access to these records. Due to the success of this collaboration, the recorder’s office has allocated a budget of $10,000 for the coming year to continue this indexing program. The representative also shares that the recorders’ office plays a crucial role in handling land records dating back to the 1830s, with documents recorded both digitally and in handwritten form.


In this article, we provided a comprehensive overview of the key points discussed in the YouTube video “Taxes, Election, GIS 12-20-2022” from the LaSalle County Board. We covered important topics related to taxes, elections, and GIS, offering valuable insights for the residents of LaSalle County, Illinois. The information provided serves as a guide to help residents understand the current updates and trends in these areas. By staying informed, residents can actively participate in the decision-making processes that shape their community. For more detailed information, residents are encouraged to visit the relevant county offices and review the provided documents.

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