The Benefits of Using Solid Bags for Carp Fishing at Russell Springs PVA

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In this article, we will explore the advantages of using solid bags for carp fishing at Russell Springs PVA. The solid bag approach allows for a more effective and efficient fishing experience, especially when targeting feeding fish in weedy areas. By using this method, anglers can increase their chances of success and potentially catch larger specimens. We will delve into the key points of this approach, including the importance of finding clearings within the weed, the ideal bait choices, and the benefits of using solid bags in different fishing scenarios.

Exploring Russell Springs PVA

Russell Springs PVA, located on the Stanwick Fisheries, is a popular fishing spot for carp anglers. In this particular video, the host and angler, Russell Webb, shares his experience of fishing for carp at Russell Springs PVA. It was his first time fishing at this location, so he embarked on a walk-around to locate the feeding fish and determine the best fishing approach.

The Solid Bag Approach

After observing the fish’s behavior and locating a group of fish feeding in weedy areas, Russell decided to use the solid bag approach. The solid bag is a compact bait presentation method that offers several advantages, especially in weed-infested waters. It allows the angler to present a small but highly attractive bait package that entices the fish to feed.

Finding Clearings within the Weed

To ensure the solid bag is effective, Russell emphasizes the importance of finding clearings within the weed. By casting out a lead and searching for areas where the fish have been digging down into the weed, anglers can locate natural food sources that are attractive to the fish. These clearings provide the perfect spot to place the solid bag, increasing the chances of a successful bite.

Ideal Bait Choices

When using the solid bag approach, it is crucial to choose the right bait. Russell recommends using a small amount of bait, such as hemp or crushed boilies, as the fish are already feeding on natural food sources within the weed. The solid bag acts as a perfect delivery system for this bait, ensuring it remains intact and attractive to the fish. Russell suggests using a small 12mm wafter or two grains of corn as a hook bait, as they are small and natural-looking, making them irresistible to the fish.

Adaptability to different Fishing Scenarios

Russell acknowledges that the solid bag approach may not be suitable for all fishing venues. However, at Russell Springs PVA, where the weed lies close to the lake bed, the solid bag is the perfect choice. It sits securely on top of the weed, presenting the bait in an appealing manner. If the angler were to find a nice gravel spot or a clear area, the rig choice would change accordingly. This adaptability is crucial in carp fishing, as it allows anglers to tailor their approach to the specific conditions of each fishing spot.

Quick and Efficient Fishing

One of the key benefits of using solid bags is their ability to quickly and efficiently get bait out to the fish. Russell mentions that when he arrived at the fishing spot and observed significant fish activity, he wanted to get a rig and bait out quickly to start fishing. The solid bag approach allowed him to accomplish this goal. While it can be challenging to gauge the exact depth and location of the bait within the weed, using a solid bag provides a reliable way to start fishing promptly.


Using solid bags for carp fishing at Russell Springs PVA offers numerous benefits. It allows anglers to effectively target feeding fish in weedy areas, increases the chances of a successful bite, and provides a quick and efficient fishing experience. By finding clearings within the weed, using the right bait choices, and adapting to different fishing scenarios, anglers can optimize their chances of success. So, the next time you’re carp fishing at Russell Springs PVA, consider employing the solid bag approach for a rewarding fishing adventure.

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