The Dark Secrets of America s Rich and Powerful Dupont Family Incest Satanism and Tragedy

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Incest, satanism, and murder are not typically associated with America’s rich and powerful families. However, one family, in particular, the Duponts, have been shrouded in mysterious rumors and dark secrets for centuries. With an estimated fortune of 14.3 billion dollars, the Dupont family is among the wealthiest in North America. They have wielded political influence and played a role in historic events like the Louisiana Purchase. However, behind their success lies a self-imposed curse that has plagued the family for generations. In this article, we dive into the intriguing story of the Dupont family, exploring their rise to power, their acceptance of incest, and the tragic consequences that followed.

Rise to Power: The Dupont Dynasty

The Dupont dynasty began with a man named Pierre, who fled France during the revolution with his two sons and sought refuge in America. In the newfound land, they established a gunpowder plant that supplied powder to the US Army. With limited competition, their business thrived, and they amassed wealth rapidly. By the mid-1800s, the Duponts were not only rich but also held positions of political power. Several family members became senators, and one even served as the governor of Delaware. The Duponts were esteemed and seen as equals to families like the Rockefellers and Vanderbilts, solidifying their status as America’s richest dynasty.

The Dark Secret: Incest

Behind the Duponts’ success, there lurked a dark secret – the acceptance of incest. Patriarch Pierre Dupont openly encouraged marriages between cousins, believing it would maintain the honesty of their souls and the purity of their bloodline. It became a twisted legacy that lasted for an entire century, with cousin marriage common within the family. While societal norms shifted away from such practices, the Duponts persisted, paying little heed to the potential consequences.

Rumors of Satanism and Murder

As time passed, strange rumors emerged surrounding the Dupont family, including their alleged involvement in satanism and murder. According to a local legend in Delaware, the family’s prolonged history of incest gradually distorted their minds. Locked away in their grand estates, they were said to have turned to satanism, performing human sacrifices on skull-shaped altars. Some even claimed that the Duponts were part of a cult, along with other affluent and influential families, with the ultimate goal of summoning the devil and making pacts with him. In this conspiracy theory, poor children from nearby villages were believed to be kidnapped and offered as sacrifices. Many of the Dupont estates, now abandoned, were rumored to have been gifted to this alleged cult.

It is important to note that there is no concrete evidence to support these claims, and they should be regarded as mere legends. Nonetheless, these stories have persisted for generations, adding to the intrigue surrounding the Dupont family.

Tragedy Strikes: The Murder of Dave Schultz

Cult involvement or not, the Dupont family has undeniably been plagued by tragedy. One of the most notorious incidents was the murder of Dave Schultz. John Dupont, born in November 1938, was socially and physically inept. Despite his eccentricities, he developed a lifelong obsession with wrestling. He even donated millions of dollars to an American university with the condition that he could be the head coach of their wrestling program. However, it became evident that John Dupont was mentally unstable, leading to the shutdown of the entire program.

In 1996, John Dupont committed a shocking act of violence, shooting Dave Schultz, a renowned wrestler and Olympic gold medalist, three times. The motive for the murder remains unclear, but John Dupont’s deep-seated psychological issues were evident. Some speculate that his actions and unstable state of mind could be attributed to the generations of inbreeding within the family.

The Genetic Consequences of Incest

Inbreeding, practiced within the Dupont family for several generations, can lead to a buildup of negative recessive genes. These genes are known to result in serious mental disorders in humans. Even with the discontinuation of inbreeding, the negative consequences can persist and manifest in future generations. This phenomenon has been observed in other animals as well. While the exact causes of John Dupont’s mental instability cannot be definitively determined, the long history of incest within the Dupont family may have played a significant role.

The Legacy of European Royalty: Inbreeding at the Cost of Purity

The Dupont family’s acceptance of incest mirrors a dark chapter in European history – the inbreeding within royal families. Throughout Europe’s history, absolute monarchies were prevalent, and royals often sought to marry within their own social circles to maintain a sense of exclusivity. However, with limited choices and a small gene pool, inbreeding was inevitable. By the 1800s, it was said that mental illness ran rampant among the European royals, with many born with serious health conditions. Various physical and mental abnormalities plagued these royal bloodlines, with bursts of hysteria, blindness, constant pain, and even blue urine.


The Dupont family’s rise to power and subsequent self-imposed curse paint a fascinating yet tragic picture. While rumors of satanism and murder may forever remain in the realm of speculation, the acceptance of incest within the family remains a dark reality. The consequences of inbreeding, both within the Dupont family and European royalty, shed light on the dangers of such practices. The Duponts, once compared to families like the Rockefellers and Vanderbilts, are now synonymous with scandal and tragedy. They serve as a reminder that even immense wealth and power cannot shield a family from the ramifications of their own choices.

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