The Threat to Sherman County Organic Farm: A Standoff with State Authorities

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As the overreach of government continues to encroach on personal freedoms, a concerning situation has unfolded in Sherman County, Oregon. The government is threatening to force Azure Organic Farm, a 2,000-acre organic farm, to begin spraying herbicides to control weeds. However, the weeds in question, such as Canada thistle, Morning Glory, and white top, are not only edible but also pose no real threat to other farmers in the area.

This standoff highlights a larger issue of government control over our food supply and the potential consequences it can have on both individuals and the economy as a whole. It begs the question – how far will the government go to seize control of our lives and dictate what we eat?

The Standoff in Sherman County

Sherman County, located in Oregon, is the setting for this alarming standoff between state authorities and Azure Organic Farm. The government is demanding that the farm begins spraying herbicides to eradicate weeds that are allegedly spreading to neighboring farms. However, if Azure Organic Farm were to comply and spray any chemicals on their property, they would lose their organic certification for a minimum of three years.

The farmers opposing Azure Organic Farm argue that the weeds, such as Canada thistle, morning glory, and white top, will contaminate their crops. But is this really a valid concern? There are millions of acres of industrial farmland in the area, where farmers are already using herbicides on their crops. How could these seemingly harmless weeds survive in these fields? The argument against Azure Organic Farm seems to be nothing more than an excuse to put them out of business and turn their land into yet another mega-farm controlled by chemical industries.

The Government’s Control Over Our Food Supply

This standoff highlights a more significant issue at hand – the government’s control over our food supply. By forcing an organic farm to use herbicides, the government sets a dangerous precedent. If they can dictate what organic farmers must do, how far are they willing to go to control all aspects of our food supply?

The idea of government intervention in our food supply becomes even more alarming when coupled with President Obama’s executive order 13514, which gives the government broad powers during emergencies to seize anything that is ingested by humans or animals. This includes all forms of energy, transportation, and even our own gardens. The implications are clear – if the government can dictate what we eat and how we grow our own food, our freedom and self-sufficiency are at stake.

The Necessity to Stand Up

This standoff in Sherman County, Oregon, is a wake-up call for all of us. As we prepare for the grand solar minimum, where growing our own food becomes increasingly important, the government’s interference in our food supply becomes a critical issue. It is not just about controlling weeds; it is about the government’s reach into our lives and the potential loss of our freedom to choose what we eat.

It is essential for individuals to stand up against this government overreach and fight for our food supply. Contacting the Sherman County Court and expressing your concerns is a crucial step in opposing this alarming trend. This is not just a fight for Azure Organic Farm; it is a fight for all of us who value our food supply and the ability to grow our own gardens.

The Potential Consequences

If the government’s actions in Sherman County are allowed to proceed unchecked, the consequences will be far-reaching. Our ability to grow our own food and maintain our self-sufficiency will be severely compromised. The government’s control over our food supply will extend beyond organic farms, affecting all individuals who choose to grow their own gardens or consume natural, unprocessed foods.

The implications of this action are dire, especially in light of the grand solar minimum and the need for self-sufficiency in the years to come. It is crucial to understand the gravity of the situation and take a stand against the government’s encroachment on our food supply.

In conclusion, the standoff between Sherman County authorities and Azure Organic Farm highlights a larger issue of government control over our food supply. This is not just a fight for Azure Organic Farm, but for all individuals who value their freedom and ability to choose what they eat. It is essential to stand up against this overreach and preserve our right to grow our own food. Contacting the Sherman County Court and expressing your concerns is a critical step in opposing this alarming trend. Together, we can protect our food supply and maintain our self-sufficiency in the face of government intrusion.

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