The Writing on the Wall A Devastating Crime Shakes a Small Town

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In a quiet neighborhood in Columbia, Illinois, tragedy struck on May 5th, 2009, leaving an entire community reeling. The Coleman family, a loving and promising family, was brutally murdered in their own home. This horrific crime shocked the men and women of the local police department, who were determined to find the person responsible for this heinous act. In this full episode of “The Writing on the Wall,” we dive into the investigation that followed and the chilling messages left behind by the perpetrator.

A Promising Family Struck by Evil

On that fateful morning, Christopher Coleman returned home from the gym to a scene of chaos and horror. He immediately contacted his neighbor, Detective Sergeant Justin Barlow, who happened to also be a member of the Columbia, Illinois Police Department. Together, they entered the Coleman’s home and discovered a disturbing message spray-painted on the wall. The message suggested that the family was being “punished.”

As they made their way through the house, they tragically found the lifeless bodies of Sherry Coleman and her two young sons, Garrett and Gavin. It was clear that this was not just a crime scene – it was a homicide. The entire community was shocked and devastated by this senseless act of violence, and the police knew they had a duty to bring the perpetrator to justice.

A History of Threats

The investigation took a chilling turn when it was revealed that the Coleman family had been receiving threats in the months leading up to the murder. These threats were targeted at Christopher Coleman’s employer, televangelist Joyce Meyer, and suggested that someone close to her would be harmed if she didn’t stop preaching. The police suspected that these threats were linked to the murders, and their investigation focused on finding the person responsible for these vile acts.

A Global Search for Suspects

The police department in Columbia, Illinois, was not equipped to handle such a high-profile murder case on their own. They called in the Major Case Squad, which brought together 25 seasoned police officers to assist in the investigation. As they delved deeper into the case, they began to suspect that the person behind the threats and the murders might be someone outside of their small town.

The police discovered that Joyce Meyer Ministries, Christopher Coleman’s employer, had a global reach, and the threats could have come from anywhere. They reached out to individuals across the country who had expressed their dislike for Joyce Meyer to gather information. The hunt for the killer became a race against time, as the entire community feared that another family could be targeted next.

Uncovering New Leads

As the investigation intensified, the police interviewed Christopher Coleman more extensively. They became increasingly suspicious of his behavior, noting his lack of curiosity about how his wife and children had died. Despite his claims of innocence, Coleman mentioned a woman named Tara from Florida, with whom he had been in contact. Detectives were intrigued by this connection and decided to investigate further.

In their search for the truth, the police officers discovered that Tara Lynch, the woman Christopher Coleman had mentioned, was an old high school friend of Sherry’s. They wondered if there could be more to their relationship than just friendship, and if this could have been a motive for the murders. They questioned Coleman about his relationship with Tara, hoping to uncover any potential leads that could lead them to the killer.

Conclusion: A Community Shattered by Tragedy

The murder of the Coleman family left an indelible mark on the tight-knit community of Columbia, Illinois. This senseless act of violence shattered the lives of those who knew and loved Sherry, Garrett, and Gavin. As the investigation continued, the police worked tirelessly to uncover the truth and bring the perpetrator to justice. The shocking revelations and twists in the case highlighted the darkness that can lurk within even the most idyllic of communities.

The search for the killer continues, and the people of Columbia, Illinois, hope for healing and justice. This heartbreaking story serves as a reminder that evil can find its way into even the most innocent of places, leaving a community forever changed.

Note: The video transcript has been edited for clarity and to condense the content into an article format.

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