Thomaston Planning Zoning Commission Regular Meeting 12 02 2020 Understanding the Discussions and Decisions

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Welcome to the December regular meeting of the Thomaston Planning & Zoning Commission. In this meeting, various topics were addressed, including a public hearing for a special permit application for an accessory in-law apartment, draft regulation amendments for motor vehicle signs, and more. Let’s dive into the details of the meeting and understand each agenda item thoroughly.

Public Hearing for Special Permit Application

The meeting commenced with a public hearing for a special permit application number 2020-10-06-8. The purpose of this application was to seek approval for constructing an accessory in-law apartment at 72 View Drive. It was noted that the applicant was unable to attend the meeting physically but was following the proceedings remotely. To accommodate the applicant’s absence, the commission decided to push the public hearing to the end of the agenda.

Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting

Next on the agenda was the approval of the minutes from the November 4th meeting. The chairperson invited a motion to approve, amend, or discuss the minutes. A motion was made to accept the minutes as presented, and it was seconded by another member. After a roll call vote, the motion was carried with one abstention.

Old Business: Draft Regulation Amendments for Motor Vehicle Signs

The commission discussed draft regulation amendments regarding motor vehicle signs. The chairperson presented a revised draft that incorporated suggestions and feedback given during the previous meetings. The draft was shared with the commission members via email prior to the meeting.

One question that arose during the discussion was related to the revocation or termination of special permits. While the answer to this query was not provided in the meeting, the chairperson acknowledged the need for a process to revoke special permits and promised to address this concern in future discussions.

Another point of discussion was the inclusion of privately-owned construction vehicles in the regulations. The commission recognized the need to accommodate private property owners who use construction vehicles for non-commercial purposes. A section was added to the draft exemptions clarifying that privately-owned construction vehicles exclusively used on the property for private non-commercial purposes would be exempt from the regulation.

Public Input and Feedback

The chairperson emphasized the importance of receiving public input and feedback on the draft regulations. Due to the current pandemic situation, it was acknowledged that obtaining public opinion might prove challenging. However, the commission expressed the desire to leave the public hearing open and continue gathering feedback until a satisfactory level of public input was achieved. Members encouraged residents to participate and provide their comments and concerns regarding the proposed regulation amendments.


The regular meeting of the Thomaston Planning & Zoning Commission on December 2nd, 2020, covered various essential topics. The public hearing for a special permit application, consideration of draft regulation amendments for motor vehicle signs, and the importance of public input were among the key discussions. The commission aims to continue working on the regulations, gather public feedback, and ensure a comprehensive and inclusive decision-making process for the betterment of the Thomaston community.

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