Three Essential Services Every Fractional CFO Should Provide

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As a fractional CFO, you have a plethora of services that you can offer to your clients, but among those, there are three indispensable ones that must be part of every client engagement. In this article, I’ll elaborate on these vital services as shared by Jennifer Peake, the founder of The CFO School, and guide you on how to effectively integrate them into your business.

1. Cash Flow Management and Forecasting

Cash flow management is the cornerstone of every business, and it is a crucial service that every fractional CFO should offer. Though some may not realize its importance, ensuring that your clients have a robust cash flow management system is pivotal at every stage of their business. Here’s why:

  • Lifeblood of Business: Cash flow is essential for the growth and sustainability of a business.
  • Forecasting: Predicting future cash flow enables clients to make informed decisions, avoid crises, and strategically plan for growth.

2. Offer General Business Insights and Expertise

This aspect may not seem like a specific finance skill, but it is vital for a fractional CFO to provide broader business insights. Here’s why:

  • Understanding the Bigger Picture: Knowing the company’s overall condition, local marketplace, and macroeconomic trends adds context to financial results.
  • Assisting Decision Making: Helping clients make decisions in the present moment and preparing them for the future enables better business choices.

3. Financial Transparency and Visibility

High-performing CFOs must offer clarity and openness into the financial results. It helps the internal team understand how their actions translate into the financial outcomes of the company. Here’s how:

  • Right Information at the Right Time: Ensuring that the right people have the necessary data to make informed decisions.
  • Communication and Confidentiality: Setting up a framework that maintains confidentiality while improving the relationship between finance and operational folks.

Bonus Tip: Creating a Standard Way of Working

While the three services above are essential, implementing a standard way of working with clients adds efficiency and impact:

  • Standardized Framework: It makes onboarding more efficient and helps create better results faster.
  • Customized Element: Despite standardization, each client is unique, and customization is still necessary.

Resources Mentioned

  • CFO School: A platform that helps CPAs become high-performing CFOs.
  • KPIs: Key Performance Indicators, essential tools for keeping a pulse on how things are going and what corrective actions may be needed.


Integrating these three key services into your fractional CFO practice can help you create better value for your clients. By focusing on cash flow management, general business insights, and financial transparency, you align yourself with the core needs of your clients, ultimately leading to more effective and impactful engagements.

By implementing these principles, you can take a significant step in becoming an influential fractional financial advisor. Engage with these concepts and see your practice grow. If you have any insights or experiences with these topics, be sure to leave a comment, like, and subscribe to The CFO School for even more fractional CFO content.

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