Title: Money 101: Improving Your Home’s Value and Saving Money with Energy Upgrades

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Channel Name: Cindy Dole

In this episode of Money 101 with Bob McCormick, featured on The Wall Street Journal, the focus is on managing your money and your life. With a special emphasis on jobs and the housing market in Los Angeles and Orange County, this episode brings valuable information for homeowners looking to increase the value of their homes and save money on energy bills.

Key Points:
1. Jobs in the entertainment industry are on the rise in Los Angeles and Orange County, with 15,000 jobs created in February alone.
2. Homeowners are staging their homes for sale or lease to get top dollar in the market.
3. Maintaining and increasing the value of one’s home is essential for homeowners.
4. Home Wizards host, Cindy Dole, discusses the importance of feeling pampered and at home in your own space.
5. There are affordable and environmentally friendly ways to improve your home’s value and save money on energy bills.
6. The energy upgrade program in California is a federal and state initiative aimed at making homes more energy-efficient.
7. Homeowners are invited to have their homes assessed by certified contractors to determine the most cost-effective upgrades.
8. The Building Performance Institute (BPI) is the regulatory body that certifies assessors for the energy upgrade program.
9. Assessments include combustion appliance zone testing, blower door testing, and measuring leaks in the building envelope and ducts.
10. Inadequate insulation in walls and attics is a common problem in California homes.
11. Proper assessments help homeowners identify the most cost-effective solutions for their homes.
12. A case study of a 100-year-old home undergoing energy upgrades is presented.
13. Energy upgrades can lead to significant energy and cost savings, especially during peak heating and cooling seasons.
14. Rebates and incentives are available for homeowners who undertake energy upgrades.
15. The Money 101 show offers expert advice on managing personal finances and staying informed about the latest industry trends and news.

Improving home value and saving money on energy bills are top concerns for homeowners in Southern California. The entertainment industry is booming, creating job opportunities, and making it a great time to invest in the housing market. To help homeowners navigate these opportunities, Bob McCormick brings in Cindy Dole, host of Home Wizards, to discuss practical and affordable ways to increase home value and save money on energy bills.

Dole emphasizes the importance of feeling pampered and at home in one’s own space, especially during challenging times. She believes that having a backyard oasis can greatly enhance the overall experience of coming home. Fortunately, there are affordable ways to achieve this, while also being environmentally friendly and saving money on energy bills.

The conversation then shifts to the energy upgrade program in California. Dole introduces Steven Rawls, a certified assessor from the Reefs Companies in Riverside, who explains the process of assessing homes for energy upgrades. Rawls highlights the importance of the Building Performance Institute (BPI) certification for assessors, ensuring that they understand the relationships between various components of a home.

The assessment process involves advanced testing techniques to determine areas of improvement, such as combustion appliance zone testing, blower door testing, and measuring leaks in the building envelope and ducts. Rawls compares the process to an investigation, collecting data to diagnose the energy efficiency of a home accurately. Through these assessments, homeowners can identify specific areas for improvement and choose the most cost-effective solutions.

One significant issue in California homes is inadequate insulation in walls and attics. Rawls stresses the importance of addressing these insulation gaps, as they contribute to energy waste and higher utility bills. By sealing these gaps, homeowners can prevent air leakage and enjoy significant energy savings.

To demonstrate the benefits of energy upgrades, Dole shares a case study of a homeowner with a 100-year-old home. Through energy improvements, including insulation upgrades and air sealing, the homeowner experienced a significant reduction in energy waste and gained better control over their utility bills.

Dole highlights the availability of rebates and incentives for homeowners undertaking energy upgrades. These financial incentives make it even more affordable for homeowners to improve their homes’ energy efficiency while enjoying lower utility bills.

The Money 101 show, hosted by Bob McCormick, provides valuable information and guidance on managing personal finances. By staying informed about job opportunities, real estate trends, and energy efficiency programs, viewers can make informed decisions to improve their financial situations. McCormick reinforces the ethos of the show by emphasizing the significance of understanding personal finances to empower individuals to make more money and better manage their assets.

In conclusion, the Money 101 show, in collaboration with The Wall Street Journal, provides homeowners with valuable insights into increasing their home’s value and saving money through energy upgrades. With a focus on affordable and environmentally friendly improvements, viewers are empowered to make informed decisions about their homes and finances. By utilizing professional assessments, accessing rebates and incentives, and taking advantage of the energy upgrade program, homeowners can make their homes more valuable, energy-efficient, and comfortable.

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