Tooele County Treasurer: Goals and Plans for the First 90 Days in Office

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In a recently released YouTube video, the candidates for the Tooele County Treasurer position participated in a debate. One of the key questions posed to each candidate was about their goals for the first 90 days in office. In this article, we will delve into the responses of the candidates, analyze their plans, and explore their vision for the county. The candidates, Jerry and Wayne, shared their views on various topics, including the role of the County Commission, the County Complex, and the county’s financial recovery plan. Let’s take a closer look at their answers and the significance of their plans.

Goals for the First 90 Days in Office

Both Jerry and Wayne expressed their desire to familiarize themselves with the county building and its employees during the first 90 days in office. Wayne emphasized the importance of connecting with the employees and understanding the goals they have set for the county over the coming years. He stressed the need for unity and collaboration among the staff. On the other hand, Jerry highlighted the importance of finding out who holds the authority in the county and getting to know the needs of the community.

Understanding the County Commission’s Plan

Jerry and Wayne were asked for their opinions on the County Commission’s plan to strip the budget accounting and accounts payable functions from the elected auditor and give them to a higher financial director accountable to the commissioners. Both candidates expressed their dissent with this plan. They believed that the commissioners should be the ones making decisions and that the elected officers should have the knowledge and guts to handle these responsibilities. They were concerned that this decision might give the committees too much authority, potentially undermining the ability of the county commissioners to make effective decisions.

Vision for the Tooele County Desert B Complex

The candidates were also questioned about their vision for the Tooele County Desert B Complex and whether they supported the return of Country Explosion events. Jerry criticized the decisions made by the current commissioners regarding the complex, expressing his belief that the government should not be involved in the entertainment business. He suggested focusing on other facilities and activities that the community could benefit from instead. On the other hand, Wayne expressed the view that the complex is a valuable asset and should be utilized to its full potential. He mentioned the possibility of using it for ice skating and various community events.

Supporting the County’s Financial Recovery Plan

When asked about their support for the county’s financial recovery plan, both candidates noted that they had not seen all the details of the plan. However, they expressed a willingness to support it as long as it proves effective. Jerry emphasized the need for the county to live within its means and avoid unnecessary tax increases. He believed that raising taxes would disproportionately affect the elderly and advocated for finding ways to work within the current budget. Wayne echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the importance of fiscal responsibility and living within the county’s means.


The debate among the Tooele County Treasurer candidates shed light on their goals, plans, and visions for the county. Wayne emphasized the significance of building relationships with county employees and understanding their goals, while Jerry focused on the need for the county commissioners to retain decision-making authority. Both candidates expressed reservations about certain decisions made by the current County Commission. They also shared their thoughts on the Tooele County Desert B Complex and supported the county’s financial recovery plan, as long as it aligns with the principles of fiscal responsibility.

Overall, the debate provided valuable insight into the candidates’ priorities and aspirations for the first 90 days in office. It will be interesting to see which candidate will be elected as the next Tooele County Treasurer and how their plans will be implemented for the benefit of the county and its residents.

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