**Town of Mashpee – Planning Board Meeting: January 17, 2018**

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A Comprehensive Overview of the Meeting

In this article, we will provide a detailed summary of the Town of Mashpee Planning Board meeting that took place on January 17, 2018. This meeting was held at the Mashpee Town Hall and addressed a variety of topics and issues. Here are the key points discussed during the meeting:

Approval of Minutes

The meeting began with the approval of minutes from a previous meeting. The board noted that they had received the names of individuals who had signed in at the meeting, and these names were recorded electronically and shared with the relevant parties.

Special Permit Expiration

The board discussed the expiration of special permits and how they can be automatically renewable. They also mentioned the importance of being notified before the expiration date to ensure permits are renewed in a timely manner. Additionally, it was emphasized that the town of Mashpee should be the beneficiary of any bonds associated with permits, in case they need to go after the bond in the future.

Southport Bill

A bill for the amount of $675 was discussed. The bill was for the month of December, but it was noted that there was no Southport bill for that month. It was explained that South Shore towns send their bills to Southport, and there was a delay in receiving the bill.

Design of Country Club Lane

The board reviewed plans for the design of Country Club Lane. They were awaiting a plan from the engineer that would show both sides of Old Mile Road, including the edge of the pavement, layout lines, guardrail, and tree line. The main goal was to improve sight distance and find a suitable location for the entrance.

Public Hearing for Street Name Approval

A public hearing was held to discuss the approval of a name for an unnamed subdivision street at 950 Falmouth Road. The street serves as access to South Cape Resort’s condominium and several town-owned parcels. The public hearing notice was read, and it was confirmed that no other parcels would be affected by the proposed street name change.

Definitive Subdivision Plan

The board reviewed a definitive subdivision plan submitted by Evergreen Energy LLC for a location at 588 Main Street. The plan was for a 12-watt industrial development that had been approved in November 2017. It was discovered during the meeting that there were preexisting wells on the site, but no previous testing had been done. Water samples were taken, and the results showed low nitrogen levels, indicating good water quality.

Signature and Approval Process

The board discussed the need for updated signatures on the definitive subdivision plan and the associated covenant. The plan had been revised on November 20th, and the final plans needed to be submitted with updated signatures from the board members. Additionally, it was mentioned that the clerk’s signature was necessary to confirm the completion of the appeal period.

Future Planning Board Meetings

The board discussed the schedule for upcoming meetings and the process for submitting documents. It was emphasized that communications related to planning board matters should go through the official planning department email and that any questions or issues should be addressed to the appropriate board member or consultant.

Personnel Matters

There was a brief discussion about personnel matters, specifically hiring a new employee. It was mentioned that an offer had been extended and accepted, but the appropriate salary had yet to be determined. The board members noted that they needed more information on the market rates for the position and that the issue should be discussed further with the involved parties.

Overall, the Town of Mashpee Planning Board meeting on January 17, 2018 covered a range of topics and issues. From the approval of minutes to the discussion of future meetings and personnel matters, the board deliberated on important matters concerning the town’s development and infrastructure.

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