Town of Upton, MA Housing Production Plan Committee 10/13/22: Reviewing the Community Survey

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The Upton Housing Production Plan Committee held a meeting on October 13, 2022 to review the draft of the community survey. The committee members discussed various aspects of the survey, including the wording and the inclusion of specific details. In this article, we will go through the key points of the meeting and the proposed changes to the survey.

Approval of Meeting Minutes

The meeting started with the approval of the minutes from the previous meeting held on September 26, 2022. The committee members had the opportunity to review the minutes beforehand, and any corrections or questions were addressed. One minor correction was made to the date of the next meeting, as it had been mistakenly written as the sixth instead of the thirteenth. With the amendment, the minutes were approved by a majority vote.

Review and Approval of the Community Survey

The main agenda item of the meeting was the review and approval of the draft community survey. The committee members discussed different sections of the survey, starting with the introduction. One point of contention was whether the survey should explicitly mention both town-owned and private land or focus only on town-owned land when discussing housing development. Some members argued that including private land would be important as it might impact respondents’ opinions. However, others pointed out that specifying town-owned land could lead to confusion, given that some of it is already restricted in use. In the end, it was decided that the survey should be more general and not specifically mention town-owned or private land.

The committee also discussed the need for a question regarding the use of town-owned land for affordable housing development. It was suggested that a question asking whether respondents would be in favor of using unrestricted town-owned land for housing opportunities could provide valuable data. However, it was agreed that this question should be included later in the survey and not in the introduction.

Another topic of discussion was the wording of the second question, which asked about the importance of remaining in Upton as respondents age. It was suggested that the mention of retirement in the question could be confusing for those who are already retired. It was decided to remove the phrase “into retirement” from the question to clarify its intent.

The committee members went through the entire survey, reviewing each question and considering any necessary changes. Some minor tweaks were suggested, but overall, the survey was deemed satisfactory with the amendments made by Joe Layton, who had prepared a revised version of the introduction based on committee feedback.

Motion to Approve the Survey Introduction

After the discussion and review, Kathy motioned that the committee accept the revised introduction to the survey as proposed by Joe Layton. The motion was seconded by Christine. The committee then voted to approve the introduction, and the motion carried.

Review of Survey Questions

With the introduction approved, the committee proceeded to review the rest of the survey questions. Question two, which addressed the plan to live in the current residence as respondents age, had been revised to combine two previous questions into one. The wording was generally well-received, with no major changes suggested.

The committee went through each question, considering the various response options and making minor edits where necessary. Emily, who had prepared the draft of the survey, offered to modify the language if any committee members had specific suggestions. However, most agreed that the questions were clear and did not require further changes.


The Upton Housing Production Plan Committee made significant progress in their meeting on October 13, 2022. They reviewed and approved the introduction to the community survey, ensuring that it accurately represented the committee’s goals and intentions. The survey questions were also carefully examined, resulting in minor adjustments and clarifications where needed. The committee members showed a commitment to gathering valuable data and insights to inform Upton’s housing development decisions.

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