Understanding Property Assessment in Kane County Illinois

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In this episode of Late Morning with Josh Barnett, special guest Mark Armstrong joins the show to talk about property assessment in Kane County, Illinois. As the Chief County Assessment Officer (CCAO), Mark provides valuable insights into the current situation and developments in property assessment amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. With 473 confirmed cases and 24 deaths in Kane County, Mark discusses the challenges and precautions being taken to ensure public safety.

The show begins with Josh welcoming viewers to the first live broadcast on Facebook and introducing Mark Armstrong as the guest speaker. Mark is based in Geneva, Kane County, while Josh is broadcasting from his home office in Bloomington, Illinois. They provide a brief overview of their respective locations so that viewers can understand the context of the discussion.

The conversation shifts towards the impact of COVID-19 on property assessment in Kane County. Mark shares that while there haven’t been any deaths in the last two days, there is still a mobile morgue outside his office as a precautionary measure. He emphasizes the importance of safety protocols and the steps taken to ensure that county buildings are secure for visitors. Mark also mentions the use of personal protective equipment, including masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers, in the county offices.

Josh highlights Mark’s role as the chair of the County Assessment Officers Association (CALA) Legislative and Policy Committee. Mark explains that the committee is comprised of representatives from different regions within the state. He provides a detailed breakdown of the regions and introduces the committee members. The purpose of the committee is to discuss legislative matters and policy recommendations related to property assessment in Illinois.

Moving forward, Mark discusses the three exemption bills that the legislative committee is working on for submission to the General Assembly. These bills address the issue of exemptions that require annual applications accompanied by affidavits, which need to be notarized. Mark talks about the challenges faced by individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for an alternative to notarization due to the stay-at-home order.

Throughout the conversation, Josh and Mark stress the importance of technology in facilitating remote work and maintaining communication between team members. They acknowledge the efforts of various county offices in adapting to new ways of working and ensuring continuity.

In conclusion, the episode provides a comprehensive overview of property assessment in Kane County, Illinois, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mark Armstrong’s insights as the CCAO and chair of the CALA Legislative and Policy Committee offer valuable information and shed light on the current challenges faced by the county offices. The discussion also highlights the importance of safety measures, regional representation, and the role of technology in these unprecedented times.

To stay updated on property assessment developments, viewers are encouraged to visit the IPA Education website and submit any questions they may have. By working together and staying informed, it is possible to navigate the challenges of property assessment during these uncertain times.

Key Points:

  • Property assessment in Kane County, Illinois, during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Safety precautions, including the use of personal protective equipment
  • Mark Armstrong’s role as the Chief County Assessment Officer and the chair of the CALA Legislative and Policy Committee
  • Overview of the CALA regions and committee members
  • Importance of technology in facilitating remote work and communication
  • Discussion of the three exemption bills and the need for alternative notarization methods
  • Importance of staying informed and working together to navigate property assessment challenges.

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