Valley County Board of Equalization Hearings – Ensuring Fair Property Assessments

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In the afternoon session of the Valley County Board of Equalization (BOE) hearings on June 30, 2022, several property assessments were discussed. One of the appeals brought forth was by the Daily Family Trust for their property located at 995 Wagon Wheel Road in McCall, Idaho. The property consists of 0.286 acres of land with a 2047 square foot home built in 1958. The assessed value of the property was at $708, and the owners were appealing for a lower assessment.

Property Details

The subject property, located on the west side of the lake, is not lakefront but offers a beautiful view. It includes a 1970 effective year home built in 1958, rated as average in condition, and a detached garage built in 1975. The appellant did not provide any comparable sales to support their appeal.

Comparative Property Sales

To determine a fair assessment value for the subject property, the BOE reviewed several comparable sales. These sales ranged from properties built as early as 1972 to as recent as 2021. The first comparable property was half the size of the subject, built in 1985, and sold for $688,850. The next comparable was slightly larger in square footage, built in 1985, and sold for $747,500. The third comparable had similar square footage but was newer, built in 1995, and sold for $908,500. Other comparable sales ranged from properties built in 2004 to 2007, with prices ranging from $715,500 to $782,000.

Assessment Value Discussion

After reviewing the comparable sales, the BOE concluded that the assessed value of $708 for the subject property was fair. The board acknowledged the age of the property and the limited upgrades done over the years. They also noted that it was a seasonal cabin, only used for three months out of the year. Despite these factors, the board found that the comparables supported the current assessment value.

Agricultural Exemption Appeal

In another appeal, Joy Murphy requested an agricultural exemption for her property located at 1280 S Sampson Trail. The property, which is three-quarters timber, was being assessed without the agricultural exemption. Joy claimed to have sent a letter to the Valley County Commissioners on November 2, 2020, requesting the exemption. However, the assessor’s office had no record of such a request.

Process for Agricultural Exemption

The assessor explained to Joy Murphy that in order to obtain an agricultural exemption, she would need to contact the assessor’s office and request an application. Additionally, she would need to provide proof of agricultural usage, such as the presence of cattle on the property during grazing season. Joy failed to follow the proper procedure until recently, when she contacted the assessor’s office for an application.

Denial of Agricultural Exemption Appeal

Given the lack of evidence and failure to follow the required process, the BOE decided to deny Joy Murphy’s appeal for an agricultural exemption. Without proper documentation and an application, the exemption cannot be granted.


The Valley County Board of Equalization hearings on June 30, 2022, addressed property assessments and appeals. The board carefully reviewed the appeals brought forth by property owners and considered comparable sales to arrive at fair assessment values. The BOE emphasized the importance of following proper procedures in applying for exemptions, such as the agricultural exemption. By ensuring fair and accurate property assessments, the board works to maintain equity in Valley County’s property tax system.

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