**Video captures the moment Aurora police raid massage parlor for prostitution**

YouTube video

Massage parlors in Aurora, Illinois, have been targeted by the police as part of a crackdown on prostitution and human trafficking. In a recent special report, it was revealed that these raids not only aimed to shut down non-compliant illegitimate businesses but also to uncover potential signs of human trafficking. The Aurora Police, in collaboration with Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), conducted undercover operations at three massage parlors, which led to the discovery of illegal activities and the arrest of individuals involved in prostitution.

Sergeant Jeff Hahn, along with the HSI agent, focused on these businesses based on tips received from the public and confidential informants. These establishments advertised themselves as massage parlors, but they were found to offer sexual services for additional money. To ensure the undercover officer’s safety, the team waited in their patrol cars nearby, waiting for a code word, which would signal them to intervene. Once given the green light, they swiftly entered Apple massage, covertly capturing the moment on camera.

Inside the massage parlor, there was evidence suggesting that the workers may be living on the premises. Alongside massage beds, sheets, lotions, and oils, they found a fully stocked kitchen, complete with a pantry and a dinner in a crockpot. The workers seemed to be using the establishment as their home, where they lived, ate, and worked. A printed sign on the wall emphasized that any form of sex trading was strictly prohibited.

Following the raid on Apple massage, the team continued their operations at Sun massage and massage Lily, where they encountered similar situations. However, at massage Lily, an employee refused to open the locked door for the police, creating a safety concern for the undercover officer. Eventually, they had to breach the door to gain entry. Personal belongings belonging to the employees were found inside, along with another sign reiterating that no pornographic services would be provided.

During this particular raid, no human trafficking charges were filed. However, according to Sean Fitzgerald, the Acting Special Agent in Charge for HSI Chicago, victims often become witnesses during investigations like these. Building trust with victims is crucial, as they are often fearful and lacking in trust due to their circumstances.

While it is important to tackle the issue of prostitution and human trafficking through law enforcement efforts, Fitzgerald emphasizes that everyone has a role to play. He urges people to be vigilant and report any suspicious activities. Reporting could potentially save victims from a life of exploitation and help law enforcement crack down on these criminal networks.

The impact of these raids was significant, with two out of the three massage parlors mentioned in the report being shut down. One of them even relocated to a new address, attempting to continue their illicit activities. The authorities had hoped that one of the establishments would close due to building code violations, but it remains open despite those violations.

Fox 32 Chicago reached out to all three massage parlors for their comments on the story. As of now, there has been no response from them.

In conclusion, the video captures a decisive moment as the Aurora police raided massage parlors in their fight against prostitution and human trafficking. These operations revealed the extent of illegal activities taking place within these establishments. While no human trafficking charges were filed during this raid, it is crucial to continue these efforts to identify and combat human trafficking. The fate of many victims depends on people’s willingness to be observant and report suspicious activities. Together, we can work towards a safer community where individuals are not exploited or coerced into a life of exploitation.

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