Westchester County D.A. Launches Inquiry Into Cuomo Harassment Findings

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This article discusses the recent developments in the investigation into Governor Cuomo’s alleged harassment, including the launch of an inquiry by the Westchester County District Attorney.

In a new letter obtained exclusively by NBC News, the Westchester County District Attorney has formally requested materials such as transcripts related to Governor Cuomo’s alleged harassment to determine if a criminal investigation should be pursued. This request comes in addition to the Albany County District Attorney’s ongoing criminal investigation. These developments mark a significant turning point in the story that has unfolded over the past 24 hours since the release of the Attorney General’s 165-page report.

The report has had far-reaching consequences, with calls for Governor Cuomo’s resignation coming from prominent political figures. President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, Senator Schumer, and numerous state officials, from the Governor of New Jersey to Rhode Island, have all joined in demanding his resignation. Meanwhile, the state assembly held a closed-door meeting yesterday to discuss the implications of the report and the possibility of pursuing articles of impeachment.

Amidst these developments, a New York State Senator, who would be part of the Senate trial if impeachment articles are brought forward, expressed his belief that Governor Cuomo should resign. He criticized the Governor’s response, stating that he tends to deny allegations and portray himself as a victim, dismissing them as mere politics. The Senator highlighted the overwhelming consensus from various political figures and the Attorney General’s report as evidence supporting the call for Cuomo’s resignation.

However, the process of impeaching a Governor in New York is rare. It has been over a hundred years since a Governor was last impeached, and the articles of impeachment may take up to a month to be drafted by the state assembly. If impeachment proceedings do occur, the trial would likely not begin until September or October of this year.

Despite the mounting pressure and consistent allegations, Governor Cuomo maintains his innocence and denies all charges made against him. The coming weeks will determine the next steps in this legal and political saga, with the Westchester and Albany County investigations potentially providing crucial evidence for the possibility of criminal charges.

In conclusion, the recent developments in the inquiry into Governor Cuomo’s alleged harassment have brought significant consequences and raised calls for his resignation from influential political figures. The launch of an inquiry by the Westchester County District Attorney adds another layer to the ongoing investigations, indicating the seriousness and potential criminal implications of the allegations. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen whether Governor Cuomo will choose to step down or face potential impeachment proceedings. The coming months will undoubtedly shape the future of New York politics and hold implications for the political landscape as a whole.

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