Who Are Assessors in Lincoln County, Wyoming: A Guide to Property Taxes

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When it comes to property taxes, many homeowners in Lincoln County, Wyoming, misunderstand the role of Assessors and how they impact the tax rates they have to pay. In this article, we will debunk common misconceptions and shed light on the important role Assessors play in determining property values and ensuring fairness in the tax system.

The Role of Assessors in Property Taxes

Contrary to popular belief, Assessors are not the scary figures who reach for your wallet. Their primary responsibility is to accurately determine the value of properties in order to ensure fairness and equity in the property tax system. They do not set tax rates or chase tax dollars; rather, their focus is on making sure that each property is assessed correctly.

Understanding Property Tax Calculation

To understand the role of Assessors better, let’s look at how property tax is calculated. Property tax is determined by a simple formula, and there are three variables involved: the value of the property, the tax rate set by local governing bodies, and the total budget needed for the coming year. Assessors only influence one of these variables: the value of the property.

Assessing Property Values

Just like a restaurant bill needs to be divided among friends based on what they ordered, each property’s value needs to be determined. Imagine you are at a restaurant with friends, and one orders a hot dog, one orders caviar, and you order a steak. The waiter brings the bill of $100 but doesn’t know how much each person should pay. This is where Assessors come in.

Assessors assign value to properties based on various factors such as square footage, age, location, and other comparable properties in the area. They look at similar properties that have recently been sold and consider factors such as sale prices, terms, and conditions of each sale. Even seemingly small details like an extra bathroom or a finished basement can have a significant impact on a property’s value, even if the homes are otherwise identical.

Accuracy and Equitable Valuations

Assessors work diligently to maintain a thorough database of real estate information to ensure their valuations are as accurate as possible. Changes in property values are often the result of local real estate market sales or significant changes made to a property, such as remodeling a kitchen or finishing a basement. Assessors are constantly striving for fairness and accuracy, as their performance is graded based on their ability to provide accurate valuations.

Assessors and Property Tax Collection

It is important to note that Assessors do not determine the amount of taxes you pay. Once Assessors have determined the value of each property, local governing bodies set their budgets for the upcoming year and determine the tax rate required to generate the necessary revenue. Regardless of whether property values increase or decrease, the tax rate is adjusted to ensure that the total tax revenue remains the same. Assessors focus on determining property values, not tax collection.


In Lincoln County, Wyoming, Assessors play a vital role in maintaining fairness and equity in the property tax system. They carefully assess property values using a variety of factors and strive to provide accurate valuations. While their role may be misunderstood by some, Assessors are here to help homeowners by ensuring fairness and accuracy in the taxation process. So, the next time you see a change in your property’s assessed value, remember that it is a result of the Assessors’ relentless pursuit of fairness and accuracy in determining property values.

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