**Wiscasset’s 1.8.2020 Budget Committee Meeting: Analyzing the Need for Increased Police Staffing**

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In a recent Wiscasset Budget Committee meeting held on January 8, 2020, members convened to discuss and review the town’s budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Among the key topics of discussion was the proposal for an increase in police staffing, specifically in the addition of two full-time officers. This article will delve into the details of the meeting and analyze the importance of enhanced law enforcement presence in Wiscasset, Maine.

Review and Acceptance of Meeting Minutes

The meeting kicked off with a review and approval of the minutes from a previous meeting held on December 11, 2019. The committee unanimously agreed to accept the minutes, signifying their agreement and understanding of the matters discussed during that session.

Purpose of Budget Committee Meetings

Before delving into the specifics of the proposed budget, the committee chair explained the purpose of these meetings. The primary goal of such gatherings is to facilitate smooth and efficient budgetary processes by analyzing revenues, expenses, and future financial projections for the town. Additionally, these meetings allow department heads to present their funding requirements and discuss any potential concerns or priorities.

Importance of Increased Police Staffing

One of the crucial topics discussed during the meeting was the need for increased police staffing in Wiscasset. The police chief presented a comprehensive analysis of the current situation and outlined the potential risks and liabilities associated with the existing staff shortage. He emphasized that the addition of two full-time officers would lead to better coverage, improved response times, and enhanced safety for the community.

The justification for the increased staffing lies in the fact that Wiscasset has experienced numerous criminal incidents, including break-ins, domestic disputes, and burglaries. The chief recounted a recent incident where a standoff occurred just minutes after his shift ended, highlighting the urgency for 24/7 coverage. Although the voters had previously approved round-the-clock police presence, the available part-time staff from neighboring jurisdictions is insufficient to meet the demand.

Comparison with Other Municipalities

To support the case for increased police staffing, the police chief compared Wiscasset’s police department to similar agencies in Lincoln County. Despite being the smallest department in terms of personnel, Wiscasset has the highest number of arrests, second only to the county sheriff’s office. This statistic signifies the dedication and effectiveness of the existing staff in maintaining law and order within the town.

Duties and Responsibilities of Administrative Assistants

In addition to the need for more officers, the police chief emphasized the importance of additional administrative support. The current administrative assistant already performs a multitude of tasks, including managing administrative paperwork, overseeing the PD’s master and shellfish licenses, and coordinating with other departments. However, due to time constraints, her ability to fulfill these responsibilities effectively is limited. Increasing her working hours would undoubtedly contribute to greater efficiency and productivity within the department.

Budgetary Considerations

During the budget presentation, the police chief highlighted several notable budget changes and additions. One significant increase was observed in the category of contracting services, where last year’s budget allocated $3,700, while the revised budget required $6,300. This increase was due to unanticipated expenses related to the implementation of technological solutions.

Another notable change was observed in the fuel budget, which had to be revised upwards from $5,000 to $10,000 due to unexpected fuel consumption. Additionally, maintenance costs for the existing police cruisers have exceeded the budgeted amount, leading to a need for additional allocations.

Capital Budget Requirements

The police chief also presented a capital budget proposal, requesting funding for two new police cruisers. These cruisers, estimated to cost around $232,000 each, would enhance the department’s ability to respond effectively to emergencies and ensure the safety of both officers and residents.


The Wiscasset Budget Committee meeting on January 8, 2020, provided valuable insights into the pressing need for increased police staffing in the town. The proposal for two full-time officers aims to improve coverage, response times, and overall safety for the community. The comparison with other agencies in Lincoln County underscores the town’s disproportionately high arrest rate despite having a smaller police force. The committee will continue to evaluate the proposed budget, taking into consideration the impact on taxpayers and potential avenues for generating additional revenue. By addressing these concerns and allocating resources strategically, Wiscasset can ensure a safer and more secure environment for its residents.

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