Corrupt Kentucky Sheriff Exposed: How Journalists Took Down a Drug-Dealing Lawman

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Prescription drug abuse and addiction to crystal meth have plagued the state of Kentucky, and nowhere was the impact more severe than in Whitley County. At the center of the drug trade was the county’s top law enforcement officer, Sheriff Lawrence Hodge. Despite suspicions of corruption, no one, not even federal agents, could prove his involvement. That’s when two local journalists, Adam and Samantha, launched their own investigation, risking their lives to expose the truth. In this article, we delve into the extraordinary efforts and risks taken by these journalists to bring down a corrupt sheriff.

The Power of Local Journalism

Adam, a 20-year-old college student, and Samantha, the managing editor of the local newspaper, embarked on an investigation into Sheriff Hodge’s activities. They were driven by their genuine concern for the community and a desire to shed light on the corruption that had plagued the county for years. The first step in their investigation was meticulously combing through years of case files, looking for discrepancies and connections.

Uncovering the Paper Trail

Adam uncovered a series of felony cases involving guns and drugs where deals were made and sentences reduced. In each case, the defense attorney was Sheriff Hodge’s close friend, Ron Reynolds. One case involved Rick Benson, a retired social worker who was found with 17 guns despite a previous felony conviction. Sheriff Hodge offered Benson a deal: no jail time if he cooperated and left Kentucky. Benson was forced to pay the sheriff $10,000 in cash and donate $25,000 to the Sheriff’s Department.

Building the Case

Armed with evidence, Adam and Samantha presented their findings to Sheriff Hodge for an interview. The sheriff, who believed they were naive and inexperienced, was willing to talk. During the recorded interview, the sheriff made false statements about the guns seized from Rick Benson. This confession of lying gave law enforcement the break they needed to proceed with their case against him.

Threats and Intimidation

As their investigation progressed, Adam and Samantha faced numerous threats and attempts at intimidation. Sheriff Hodge, feeling cornered, threatened to kill Adam during an undercover recording. The Times Tribune, undeterred by the threats, continued to publish damaging allegations against the sheriff. The community had had enough and voted Sheriff Hodge out of office.

The Aftermath and Conviction

Six months after being voted out of office, Sheriff Hodge was indicted by a state grand jury, and federal investigators began pursuing him. His accomplice, attorney Ron Reynolds, turned on him, providing critical evidence of their extortion scheme. Ultimately, Sheriff Hodge pleaded guilty to extortion, drug distribution, and money laundering. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison.


The story of how corrupt Kentucky Sheriff Lawrence Hodge was brought down by two tenacious journalists is a testament to the power of local journalism and the importance of exposing corruption. Adam and Samantha risked their lives and faced intimidation to ensure that justice was served. Their investigation sheds light on the impact of drug abuse and corruption in communities and serves as a reminder that nobody is above the law.

*Note: This article is a written transcript of the YouTube video “Corrupt Kentucky sheriff brought down by reporters” published by CBS News. The article has been rewritten and rephrased to meet the guidelines provided.

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