How to Outsource Sales and New Business Development | A Game-Changing Strategy for Sales Reps

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If you’re a sales representative, you know that finding new business can be one of the most challenging parts of the sales process. But what if there was a way to outsource this task to competent, affordable professionals who can deliver great results? In this article, we’ll explore a game-changing strategy for sales reps – outsourcing sales and new business development.

The Power of Outsourcing

The idea of outsourcing may seem daunting, especially when it comes to sensitive business information. However, Tom Ancona, a master of using virtual assistants (VA) to enhance his own business, breaks down the process and shares how you can create a vision of outsourcing that can transform your sales process.

Outsourcing allows you to leverage the expertise and affordable talent of VAs from around the world. By delegating tasks and responsibilities to VAs, you can lighten your workload and focus on what you do best – selling. And with the right tools and communication platforms, working with VAs has become more seamless and effective than ever before.

Who is Tom Ancona?

Before we dive into the details of outsourcing sales and new business development, let’s take a moment to learn more about Tom Ancona. Tom has a rich history of working with manufacturing, industrial, commercial, and service firms. His expertise lies in rebranding these businesses and helping them implement systematic new account acquisition strategies.

Building a Prospect Database

One of the key aspects of successful business development is having a prospect database. However, many businesses either lack a prospect database or have an outdated one. This is where outsourcing becomes invaluable.

With the help of VAs, you can build a valuable prospect database that includes not only the organizations you want to target but also the key individuals within those organizations. This allows you to reach out to decision-makers effectively and increase your chances of closing deals.

Platforms for Outsourcing

Tom Ancona shares his experience with popular platforms for outsourcing, such as Fiverr and Upwork. These platforms provide access to a pool of talented VAs from around the world. Tom himself has completed over 730 projects on Fiverr and nearly 300 projects on Upwork over the past decade.

Getting Started with Outsourcing Business Development

If you’re interested in outsourcing your business development, here are the steps to get started:

  1. Define Your Vision: Take the time to think about how your organization would benefit from having a team of VAs working on your behalf. Consider the tasks and responsibilities you would like to delegate.

  2. Work Backwards: Start with the big picture strategy and work backwards. Identify the specific tasks and roles you will need VAs to fulfill in order to achieve your vision.

  3. Explore Outsourcing Platforms: Visit platforms like Fiverr and Upwork to find talented VAs who can meet your needs. Post your projects and evaluate the results.

  4. Seek Out Talent: Don’t just wait for VAs to come to you. Take the initiative to seek out talented individuals who can contribute to your business development efforts.

  5. Communicate Your Expectations: When hiring VAs, provide clear instructions and expectations. Remember, the success of the project is often directly related to the level of information and guidance you provide.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing your business development offers several benefits, including:

  1. Cost Savings: Hiring VAs is often more affordable than hiring full-time staff. You can access global talent at a fraction of the cost.

  2. Increased Efficiency: By delegating tasks to VAs, you can streamline your sales process and focus on high-value activities like building relationships and closing deals.

  3. Access to Expertise: VAs bring specialized skills and expertise to the table. You can find professionals who excel in areas such as prospecting, lead generation, data acquisition, and more.

  4. Scalability: With the help of VAs, even a small sales team can expand their capabilities and reach. You can multiply your efforts without the need for additional office space or resources.


Outsourcing sales and new business development can be a game-changer for sales reps. By leveraging the power of VAs, you can optimize your sales process, build a valuable prospect database, and achieve better results. With the wealth of talent available on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, outsourcing has never been easier or more effective.

So, why not take the leap and explore the possibilities of outsourcing? By embracing this strategy, you can unlock new opportunities, increase efficiency, and drive your business forward. Don’t wait – start outsourcing your business development today!

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