Property Tax Update: Understanding the Process and Proposition HH

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In this article, we will be discussing the topic of property taxes, specifically focusing on the recent updates and issues faced by residents in Douglas County, Colorado. We will delve into the details of the process, including notices of value, appeals, and upcoming ballot measures. Additionally, we will address the reasons behind the lawsuit filed by the Douglas County Commissioners against Proposition HH.

A Word on Recent Events

Before diving into the topic at hand, it is essential to acknowledge a recent natural disaster. A tornado touched down in Highlands Ranch, causing significant damage to the area. While many residents experienced property damage, the community came together in support. Organizations like Team Rubicon, comprised of veterans who volunteered their time and expertise, aided in the cleanup efforts. Fortunately, there were no injuries or fatalities. It is crucial to express gratitude for the unity exhibited during these challenging times.

Understanding Property Taxes

Property taxes are a significant aspect of homeownership, affecting both property owners and renters. The amount of property tax individuals are responsible for can impact their financial well-being, making it vital to comprehend the process and potential changes that may occur.

The Channel Name

The YouTube channel hosting this video is “Douglas County Colorado.” They aim to provide valuable information and engage with the community through live town hall sessions.

Overview of the Discussion

In this town hall meeting, the focus is on property taxes within Douglas County, Colorado. The discussion delivers an understanding of the notice of value, appeals process, and a forthcoming ballot measure. Additionally, the Douglas County Commissioners have filed a lawsuit in an attempt to prevent Proposition HH from being included on the ballot. This article will provide a comprehensive summary of the key points discussed in the video.

The Importance of Property Taxes

Property taxes play a crucial role in funding essential public services such as education, infrastructure development, and public safety. Understanding the property tax system and any changes that may occur is essential for homeowners and individuals living in rental properties.

Step-by-Step Process of Property Tax Updates

  1. Notice of Value: Homeowners receive a notice of value, indicating the updated value of their property for tax purposes. This value is determined by the county assessor’s office.
  2. Appeals Process: If homeowners believe there is an error in their property valuation or disagree with the assessment, they can file an appeal. This process allows for a review of the property’s value and potential adjustments.
  3. Ballot Measures: Proposition HH is an upcoming ballot measure that addresses property taxes. The Douglas County Commissioners have filed a lawsuit, questioning the legality and clarity of the measure.

Overview of Proposition HH

Proposition HH is a ballot measure aimed at addressing property taxes, particularly focusing on the residential assessment rate. This rate determines the percentage at which a property’s value is taxed. The lawsuit filed by the Douglas County Commissioners challenges the multiple subjects within the measure and the potentially misleading ballot language.

The Impact of Proposition HH

If Proposition HH is approved, it may have significant financial implications for homeowners and renters. One of the main concerns raised is the potential loss of TABOR refunds, which are important for residents of the state. The estimated loss of $10 billion over 10 years raises questions about the necessity of such a measure and whether alternative solutions exist to reduce property taxes.

Understanding the Lawsuit

The Douglas County Commissioners have taken legal action against Proposition HH due to concerns about the measure’s legality and the clarity of the information provided on the ballot. The lawsuit aims to ensure transparency and informed decision-making for voters.


Property taxes are a complex topic, and it is essential for homeowners and renters to stay informed about any updates or changes in the process. Understanding the notice of value, appeals process, and upcoming ballot measures, such as Proposition HH, allows individuals to make informed decisions about their property taxes. The lawsuit filed by the Douglas County Commissioners highlights the importance of clear and accurate information to ensure fair and well-informed decision-making.

As discussions surrounding property taxes continue, it is crucial for the community to come together, engage in open dialogue, and work towards finding practical and sustainable solutions to address the financial impact on homeowners and renters.

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