Readfield Maine Tax Assessor: An Overview of the Select Board Meeting 6/27/22

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The Town of Readfield, located in Maine, recently held a Select Board Meeting on June 27, 2022. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss various matters relevant to the town’s governance and administration. In this article, we will provide a detailed summary of the meeting, highlighting key points and important discussions.

Select Board Members and Meeting Minutes

During the meeting, the 2022-2023 Select Board members were welcomed, including the newly elected member, Steve Deangelis, and the recently re-elected Catherine Woodson. The first order of business was to review and approve the select board minutes from previous meetings held on May 16, June 2, and June 13. A motion was made to accept the meeting minutes as presented, and it was unanimously approved.

Warrant Approval

The Select Board then proceeded to review and approve warrants 22-145 and 52-53. Mr. Keegan, who was responsible for discussing the warrants, emphasized the need for clear communication by speaking into the microphone. The warrants included various expenses, such as a bill for $2,280 from Prey Flarety, an equipment purchase related to cemetery work, fire truck repairs, and repair expenses for a walker. After a thorough discussion, a motion was made and seconded to approve the warrants in the total amount of $72,691.19. The approval was unanimous.

Select Board Communications

Following the warrant approval, the Select Board had 20 minutes of allocated time for communications. Catherine Woodson took the opportunity to thank the voters for re-electing her and expressed her commitment to gaining the trust of those who did not vote for her. No other members of the Select Board addressed the public during this time.

Staff Reports

Eric, a staff member, provided a report on various staff-related matters for the town. He highlighted the financial success of the town’s park, which turned a profit for the first time in 25 years. This achievement demonstrates the town’s investment in the facility and its potential for further financial gains in the future. Eric mentioned that the park generated around $18,000 in profit, exceeding the initial investment. He clarified that this profit is expected to increase in the coming years.

Additionally, Eric discussed the hazardous waste collection day scheduled for July 10th. He explained that residents can bring various items, including antifreeze, old gas, and paint thinners, to be disposed of safely. Prior to attending the collection day, residents are required to obtain an application from the town office and sign up for a time slot to avoid overcrowding. Eric also mentioned changes made to the land use and appeals ordinance to streamline and clarify the town’s processes. One notable change involves the requirement for a septic inspection when a property located in the shoreland zone is transferred or sold. This measure aims to protect water quality in the community.

Public Communications and Appointments

During the public communications portion of the meeting, no members of the public addressed the Select Board. Afterward, the meeting proceeded to discuss appointments, reappointments, and resignations. However, a request was made to take an article out of order to address the FY21 audit, which was conducted by RHR Smith and Company.

Erica from RHR Smith and Company presented an overview of the audit findings, stating that the town’s financial statements received an unmodified opinion, indicating no material misstatements. The financials were deemed to be in compliance with the necessary standards. Erica also discussed future improvements for the town based on the audit results.


The Select Board Meeting in Readfield, Maine, provided an opportunity to address various matters relevant to the town’s administration. From approving meeting minutes to discussing warrants and important staff reports, the meeting highlighted the town’s commitment to effective governance. It also emphasized the importance of community engagement and collaboration to address concerns and make necessary improvements for the betterment of Readfield. By conducting audits and implementing changes, the town aims to ensure financial transparency and protect the environment for its residents.

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