Road 739 Fire (Furnas/Gosper Counties) – Interactive Map Demo: A Detailed Overview and Analysis

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In the aftermath of the devastating fire that occurred in Furnas and Gosper Counties, a digital mapping expert named Reid Stagemeyer decided to leverage his skills and create an interactive map to document the extent of the fire and aid in the relief and recovery efforts. In this article, we will explore the features and functionality of this interactive map, as well as the key insights it provides about the fire’s impact on the affected areas.

Overview of the Interactive Map:
The interactive map, available on the Arapahoe Warriors Tech website, is powered by Google Maps and offers a comprehensive view of the fire’s path and its impact on the surrounding landowners. With just a few clicks, users can zoom in and out to explore the affected area, track the fire’s trajectory, and obtain valuable information about the land parcels, owners, and legal descriptions.

Key Points and Statistics:
– The fire consumed an area of over 53 square miles (34,000+ acres) and stretched over a 30-mile long path from northwest to southeast. At its widest, the fire spanned more than three miles.
– The fire affected more than 160 different landowners, including farmers, ranchers, and other entities, as well as over 65 sections of farmland and rangeland.
– Hundreds of miles of fences were destroyed, and numerous livestock perished due to the fire’s devastating impact.

A Closer Look at the Interactive Map:
By navigating the interactive map, users can gain a deeper understanding of the fire’s impact on specific properties and homes. The larger squares on the map represent individual land parcels, and by clicking on them, users can access detailed information such as legal descriptions, acreages, and owners.

The map also highlights the locations of 86 homes and farms that were directly in the path of the fire. Impressively, despite the severity of the fire, only eight homes were destroyed or lost, amounting to less than ten percent of the properties directly impacted by the blaze. This testament to the hard work and efforts of the first responders deserves recognition.

Search and Documentation Features:
In addition to exploring the physical landscape and its affected areas, the interactive map offers an essential search function. Users can search for specific landowners, and the map will highlight the corresponding parcels. This feature allows for a more targeted analysis of how the fire impacted individual landowners and their properties.

Furthermore, the map serves as a valuable tool for documentation and remembrance. As part of a personal project and a tribute to those who sacrificed their time and energy in battling the fire, the map includes camera icons that indicate where videos and photos were captured. By clicking on these icons, users can access video footage and images depicting the fire’s progression. This feature will become particularly useful when creating videos or slideshows that chronicle the events surrounding the fire.

Limitations and Accuracy:
It is important to note that the interactive map’s data is approximated and may not be 100% accurate for every individual parcel. The information provided reflects publicly available data and reflects the nearest 40-acre increment. Therefore, it is crucial to approach the map as a reference tool rather than a source for legal advice.

The Road 739 Fire interactive map developed by Reid Stagemeyer provides an invaluable resource for understanding the extent of the fire that ravaged Furnas and Gosper Counties. With its user-friendly interface and detailed information, the map offers a comprehensive view of the fire’s path and its impact on landowners and their properties. Moreover, it serves as a testament to the resilience of the community, as the majority of homes were spared from the devastation. This interactive map stands as a powerful tool for documentation, remembrance, and future analysis of the fire’s impact. As the project continues to evolve, additional updates and tributes will be added to honor the efforts of those who assisted during this challenging time.

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