Sherman County Property Information: Future Plans for the Hospital

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In a recent meeting of the Sherman County Board of County Commissioners, there was a discussion about the future plans for the local hospital. The board, along with representatives from the hospital, talked about various issues related to the aging building and the need for upgrades. This article will provide an overview of the key points discussed during the meeting, including the current state of the building, concerns about compliance with regulations, and options for the future.

The Current Building Status

The meeting began with a report from the hospital administrator, who provided some background information about the current building. The main building was constructed in 1972 and is now 51 years old. Additionally, there is a specialty clinic that was built in 1995, making it 28 years old, and a medical clinic built in 1998, also 25 years old. The CT Edition, which houses the CT scanner, is from 1998 as well.

Concerns about the Current Building

Engineers and architects were brought in to assess the building and identify any issues that need to be addressed. One of the concerns raised was the layout of the building, with the main entrance and registration area located at one end and the hospital at the other end. This creates proximity issues for patients and staff.

Another concern mentioned was the potential need to comply with new regulations and laws if any reconstruction or remodeling takes place. This would require extensive changes to the building and could impact various areas, such as hearing accessibility.

The age of the building also poses challenges, as certain components, such as the boilers and HVAC units, have already been replaced or repaired due to wear and tear. The board is concerned about the regular maintenance and repair costs associated with an aging building.

Options for the Future

Given the concerns about the current building, the board and hospital representatives discussed possible options for the future. Two main options were mentioned: a major remodel or the construction of a new building.

Before making a decision, the board emphasized the need for a feasibility study to determine the costs and viability of each option. This study would provide more detailed information about the potential costs and sources of funding.

Regulatory Compliance and Changes

One important consideration in the decision-making process is compliance with regulations and laws. The board expressed concerns about the potential need to update various areas in the building to meet current standards. This could include fire safety measures, accessibility requirements, and more.

While the current building may be grandfathered in and exempt from certain regulations, any major construction or remodeling would trigger the need for compliance with all current laws. This poses a challenge and adds to the complexity of the decision-making process.

Utilizing the Current Building

During the meeting, there was also discussion about how the current building could be used if a new one is constructed. The existing clinic space, for example, could potentially be repurposed as a rehabilitation facility. This would provide much-needed space for expanding rehabilitation services. Other possibilities, such as utilizing the building for daycare services or additional medical services, were also mentioned.

Addressing Concerns and Questions

Throughout the meeting, board members and hospital representatives addressed various concerns and questions raised by attendees. Some of the concerns included the potential decrease in services, the impact on the tax rate, and the need for more doctors. Board members assured attendees that the goal is not to reduce services or accessibility but rather to address the challenges posed by an aging building.


The meeting between the Sherman County Board of County Commissioners and the hospital representatives shed light on the challenges and possibilities for the future of the hospital. The aging building, along with the need to comply with regulations, has prompted discussions about potential remodel or construction of a new facility. A feasibility study will be conducted to further explore the costs and options. It is clear that the board and hospital representatives are committed to finding a solution that ensures a hospital facility that is accessible, safe, and offers quality healthcare services to the community.

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