The Wright Experience: An Inside Look at Dr. Tanya Turner, Superintendent of Perquimans County, NC

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Note: This article is a rewrite of a YouTube transcript provided by Dr. William T. Wright Jr. The purpose of this article is to detail the key points discussed in the video and provide an in-depth look at Dr. Tanya Turner’s accomplishments and role as Superintendent of Perquimans County, NC. The article will be written in English and will be at least 600 words long.


Welcome to “The Wright Experience,” a podcast hosted by Dr. William T. Wright Jr. In this episode, Dr. Wright interviews Dr. Tanya Turner, Superintendent of Perquimans County, NC. As an esteemed educational leader, Dr. Turner has made significant contributions to her district and has garnered respect from her peers. Throughout the episode, Dr. Turner shares insight into the Perquimans County School District, discusses her experiences as a leader during the pandemic, and emphasizes the importance of collaboration and teamwork.

Perquimans County School District

Perquimans County School District, located in North Carolina, consists of four schools: Perquimans Central (pre-k to grade 2), Hartford Grammar (grades 3-5), Perquimans Middle School, and Perquimans High School. With a current enrollment of over 1,700 students, the district is classified as 1A for athletics. The district boasts both strong athletic and academic programs, with recent achievements including a state championship for the baseball team and recognition as a National Beta School of Distinction. Perquimans County School District is known for its dedicated and high-quality staff, including a high percentage of National Board Certified teachers.

Leadership during the Pandemic

Dr. Turner began her superintendency just before the onset of the pandemic, presenting unique challenges and opportunities to showcase her leadership skills. She emphasizes the importance of resilience and the power of teamwork during difficult times. Dr. Turner recognizes that collaboration among all stakeholders in the district is crucial for success. From bus drivers and custodians to teachers and parents, every voice must be heard and considered when making decisions. This inclusive approach and the dedication of the entire school community contributed to the successful and uninterrupted operation of Perquimans County School District throughout the pandemic.

Lessons Learned

Through her experience during the pandemic, Dr. Turner has learned valuable lessons about herself and leadership. She has discovered her resilience and the importance of relying on a strong and supportive team. Collaboration and teamwork are essential for addressing the complex challenges faced in education. Dr. Turner emphasizes the significance of every member of the educational community, from teachers and administrators to custodians and bus drivers. Each person plays a vital role in creating a cohesive and successful district. Additionally, she recognizes the importance of grace and learning from mistakes during challenging times.

Dr. Tanya Turner’s Accomplishments

Dr. Turner’s impressive educational journey began as a fifth-grade teacher in Perquimans County Schools, where she later served as an instructional facilitator and principal. She has also held positions at Chowan Middle School, where she made significant strides in school improvement efforts. As the assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction for Edenton Chowan Schools, Dr. Turner’s knowledge of strong instructional practices and quality teaching positively impacted the entire district. She has completed various educational programs, including a doctorate program in educational leadership, and holds a master’s degree in supervision administration and a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.


Dr. Tanya Turner’s leadership and contributions to Perquimans County School District have been exceptional. Throughout her career, she has prioritized collaboration, teamwork, and the success of her students. In the face of the pandemic, Dr. Turner has demonstrated resilience and a commitment to providing quality education to her students. Perquimans County School District is fortunate to have such a dedicated and accomplished superintendent leading their schools. As Dr. Turner continues her tenure, it is clear that her passion for education and her dedication to her community will continue to drive her success.

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