Understanding the Board of Assessors Meeting in Waldoboro, Maine

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In this article, we will delve into the details of a recent Board of Assessors meeting held in Waldoboro, Maine. The meeting discussed various topics related to property assessment, including citizen comments, the consent calendar, and specific property assessments. The key points from the meeting will be highlighted and analyzed in greater detail.

Overview of the Meeting

The meeting began with the chairperson calling it to order and inviting citizen comments on non-agenda items. Afterward, a motion was made to approve the consent calendar, which was seconded and passed. The rest of the meeting focused on individual property assessments and potential reclassification of grades.

Property Assessment Discussions

  1. Foreign Property Assessment: The assessor provided an update on a particular property assessment. The owner had not filled out the necessary paperwork but had inquired about possible changes to the assessment grade. The assessors determined that adjusting the grade would result in a difference of $154 in assessed value. A motion was made and seconded to change the grading classification accordingly.

  2. Questions Regarding Property Assessment: Several property owners had questions and concerns about their assessments. One owner pointed out an error in the frontage measurement, which was promptly corrected by the assessors. Another owner requested a reduction in the assessment grade for their garage and canopies, citing the simplicity of the structures. After much discussion, a motion was made and seconded to lower the grading classification, resulting in a decreased assessed value.

  3. Changes to Assessment Grade: The assessors had reclassified certain structures to a higher grading classification in the past but were open to reevaluating those decisions. The property owner expressed a desire to maintain consistency and requested a downgrading of the grade for their garage and canopies.

Considerations for Assessment Grade Changes

During the meeting, several factors were taken into consideration when discussing potential changes to the assessment grading. These factors included:

  1. Property Value: The assessors recognized that different properties have varying values based on factors such as location and features. They acknowledged that the market value of a property might exceed the assessed value.

  2. Building Quality: The assessors debated the impact of newer structures with better quality materials on assessment grades. They agreed that newer structures might warrant higher grades due to their superior construction.

  3. Depreciation and Age: The age of the property was also discussed regarding its impact on assessment grades. While age played a role, the assessors acknowledged that it did not solely determine the property’s value.

  4. Consistency in Classification: The assessors grappled with the notion of maintaining consistency in grading across different properties. They recognized the need to apply the same criteria to all assessments but also acknowledged the unique characteristics of each property.


The Board of Assessors meeting in Waldoboro, Maine covered various aspects of property assessment. From addressing citizen comments to discussing specific assessment grades, the meeting provided valuable insights into the assessment process. The assessors considered factors such as property value, building quality, and consistency in classification when making changes to assessment grades. By offering transparency and engaging in discussions with property owners, the board aimed to ensure fairness and accuracy in property assessments.

Please note that the transcript from the video had some unclear and fragmented sections.

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