Car Sales Training Ideas: The Gasoline Man Game

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In this article, we will discuss a popular sales training game called “The Gasoline Man.” This game focuses on the importance of actively listening to the needs of customers and the power of building goodwill in sales. By following the instructions and variations provided, sales teams can improve their cooperation, communication, and overall sales performance.

Instructions for “The Gasoline Man” Game

  1. Gather the team: Start by assembling the sales team on one side of the room. You, as the trainer or facilitator, will sit in the middle of the room behind a table, holding a pen.

  2. Set the scene: Explain to the team that they are traveling through a desert on a bus in a remote continent. Unfortunately, the bus has run out of gasoline, leaving them stranded near a gas station. However, there’s a catch – the gas station is closed, and it’s already past closing time (6:15 pm).

  3. Role-play as the owner: Assume the role of the gas station owner and inform the team that you are unable to give them gasoline due to the station’s closure. Act busy and stressed, and communicate in broken English to add to the challenge.

  4. Individual persuasion attempts: Instruct the team that each member will take turns approaching you, as the gas station owner, and try to convince you to open the pumps and provide them with gasoline. Emphasize that they should utilize persuasive skills and build a compelling case.

  5. Deny requests: As each member approaches, respond with refusal. Use phrases like “no,” “cannot,” and “come back tomorrow” in broken English to discourage their requests. Act busy and stressed, maintaining the character of the gas station owner.

  6. A breakthrough moment: When the fifth person listens carefully and asks about the letter you are writing, reveal that it’s an American letter for your daughter’s university application. Mention that you don’t understand it fully and seek help.

  7. Assistance from a team member: Once someone offers to help with the letter, allow them to sit next to you and assist. Collaboratively write the letter, highlighting the daughter’s talents, good grades, and passion for volleyball. This moment creates a sense of goodwill and collaboration between the gas station owner and the team.

  8. Opening the pumps and reflection: After completing the letter, inform the team that you will open the gasoline pumps for them. Explain that they have cracked the key by building rapport and understanding your needs. Use this opportunity to emphasize the importance of active listening and building relationships in sales.

  9. Variations and further guidance: The video linked below provides variations and additional ideas for enhancing the effectiveness of “The Gasoline Man” game. These variations can be tailored to suit the specific goals and challenges of the sales team.

Key Takeaways from “The Gasoline Man” Game

“The Gasoline Man” game serves as a valuable sales training tool by illustrating key concepts and skills necessary for successful selling. The following are the key takeaways from this exercise:

1. Active listening:

The game highlights the importance of actively listening to customers’ needs and concerns. By paying attention and showing genuine interest in their situation, sales professionals can better understand the customers’ requirements.

2. Building rapport:

Through the breakthrough moment of offering assistance with the letter, the game emphasizes the power of building rapport and goodwill with customers. When customers feel understood and valued, they are more likely to be receptive to sales pitches and requests.

3. Communication skills:

“The Gasoline Man” game encourages participants to communicate effectively, even in challenging and stressful situations. By using persuasive language, empathy, and adaptability, sales professionals can increase their chances of success.

4. Team collaboration:

This game promotes teamwork and collaboration among sales team members. By working together to find a solution, sales professionals can learn from each other’s approaches and develop a common understanding of effective sales techniques.

5. Reflection and learning:

After completing the game, encourage the team to reflect on their experiences and discuss the lessons learned. This reflection phase allows for valuable insights and strategies to be shared, contributing to continuous improvement in sales skills.


“The Gasoline Man” game is a powerful sales training exercise that teaches key principles related to active listening, rapport building, and effective communication in sales. By following the instructions provided and incorporating variations tailored to the team’s needs, sales professionals can enhance their skills, cooperation, and overall sales performance. Remember, sales training is an ongoing process, and exercises like “The Gasoline Man” can be a valuable addition to any training program.

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