Factur Outsourced Business Development: A Strategic Partnership for Business Growth

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In the constantly evolving world of business, companies are always on the lookout for effective strategies to drive growth and increase revenue. One such strategy that has gained popularity in recent years is outsourcing business development. Outsourced business development entails entrusting the task of generating leads and attracting new revenue to a specialized partner. In this article, we will explore the benefits and advantages of choosing Factur as your outsourced business development partner.

Understanding the Integrated Partnership

Factur, founded by Gabe Draper, is a renowned name in the field of outsourced business development. When you decide to collaborate with Factur, you enter into an integrated partnership where they represent your brand and work closely with your team to achieve common goals.

Initial Assessment and Kickoff

Before commencing any business development activities, Factur invests time and effort to understand your business inside out. Their team conducts a thorough assessment to determine your capabilities, target market, and specific business requirements. This knowledge forms the foundation for tailored campaigns and strategies that align with your objectives.

To initiate the partnership, Factur organizes a kickoff meeting between their team and yours. During this meeting, a Factur team lead and a prospector visit your facility, dedicating valuable time to familiarize themselves with your operations. By immersing themselves in your business, they gain comprehensive insights into what makes you unique and drives your success.

Expertise in Lead Generation

Factur excels in lead generation, with a proven track record of success. While cold calling is a common method for lead generation, Factur sets itself apart by leveraging their expertise, extensive lists, and substantial resources to outperform traditional approaches. Their ability to generate not only more leads but also higher value leads gives their clients a competitive edge in attracting new customers and driving revenue growth.

Gradual Expansion of Services

Factur’s approach to outsourced business development is flexible and adaptable to your evolving needs. They typically start by implementing their services in one division of your company to analyze its effectiveness and refine their strategies. Once proven successful, they expand their services to multiple divisions, tailoring unique campaigns and goals for each.

By gradually rolling out their services, Factur ensures a smooth transition and maximizes the impact of their business development efforts. This strategic expansion strategy allows for the effective utilization of resources, providing an optimal return on investment.

Tangible Impact on Business Growth

Making the decision to partner with Factur for your outsourced business development needs significantly impacts your bottom line. Through their comprehensive approach and skilled team, Factur helps you achieve tangible results.

For instance, after engaging Factur’s services, clients have reported observing new customers, increased workload, and notable growth on their shop floors. With Factur by your side, not only is your lead generation pipeline filled with promising prospects, but your overall business performance receives a substantial boost.

The Cost-Effective Solution

When considering outsourced business development, one of the primary concerns is the cost. With Factur, the benefits outweigh the investment. Their outsourced prospecting services offer a high level of return at a marginal cost. By entrusting the responsibility of lead generation to Factur, you can focus on other critical areas of your business, knowing that experts are working diligently to drive growth and attract valuable opportunities.


In the realm of outsourced business development, Factur stands out as a reliable and proficient partner. Their integrated partnership approach, coupled with their expertise in lead generation and gradual service expansion, sets them apart from the competition. By collaborating with Factur, you position your business for accelerated growth, increased revenue, and lasting success. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to propel your business forward with Factur as your outsourced business development partner.

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