Natural Resources Board Meeting – Jan. 25, 2023: An Overview

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The Natural Resources Board Meeting held on January 25th, 2023, was a significant event that brought together members of the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board to discuss important matters related to natural resource conservation, protection, and management. The meeting began with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance, emphasizing the board’s commitment to upholding the ideals of justice and liberty. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the meeting, highlighting key points and discussions, and shedding light on the board’s priorities.

Meeting Procedures and Acknowledgments

The meeting was conducted through a webcast, ensuring that it could be accessed by a wide audience. The board members were reminded to ask for the floor before speaking and state their name for accurate record-keeping. The staff presenters participated via Zoom, ensuring effective communication and seamless proceedings. The meeting was also live-streamed on YouTube, enabling viewers to witness the meeting’s transparency and engage through public testimony.

Acknowledgment was given to various individuals and organizations that played a crucial role in supporting the Natural Resources Board meetings. The DNR IT staff, the office of communications, Chief Casey Krieger, Warren team, and Carly Zimmerman, the Wisconsin Conservation Congress liaison, were all acknowledged for their contributions. Additionally, Deputy Secretary Sarah Berry, Assistant Deputy Secretary Steve Little, General Counsel Cheryl Heinemann, and all Department staff were recognized for their valuable participation and presentations.

Introduction of New Board Members

During the meeting, two new board members were introduced: Sandra Nas and Paul. Sandra Nas had already been associated with the board, while Paul was a new addition. Paul, a former dairy farmer turned farmer, shared his background and experience in farming, highlighting the importance of sustainable land management practices. Sandra Nas, on the other hand, did not elaborate on her background, as she was already a familiar face to the board.

Introduction of the New Secretary

Adam, the new secretary, expressed his gratitude for being appointed to the position and shared a bit about his personal background. Growing up surrounded by nature, he developed a deep appreciation for the great outdoors, thanks to his family’s emphasis on spending time in nature. Adam also highlighted his previous experiences working in various departments related to natural resource protection, conservation, and enhancement. He mentioned his commitment to engaging, listening, learning, and building consensus in his approach to leadership.

Key Priorities and Goals

Throughout the meeting, there was a strong emphasis on water quality as a top priority. The governor’s focus on investing in water quality improvements and supporting local units of government resonated with the board members. The importance of collaboration and listening to stakeholders, including legislators, was emphasized, as the board aims to make informed decisions that consider public input.

The board also discussed the importance of developing an internal playbook for local units of government to respond effectively to environmental challenges such as pollutants like PFOS. This playbook is intended to provide resources and guidance to communities facing water quality issues, ensuring a more coordinated and efficient response.


The Natural Resources Board Meeting held on January 25th, 2023, provided valuable insights into the board’s priorities and goals. With a focus on water quality and collaboration with stakeholders, the board aims to ensure the sustainable and responsible management of Wisconsin’s natural resources. The introduction of new board members and the secretary indicates a fresh perspective and a commitment to engaging with the public. Overall, the meeting served as an important platform for discussing and advancing the agenda of natural resource conservation in Shawano County.

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